New Show: Where Do Ideas Come From?



When Andrew Norton arrived at our Transom Story Workshop in the spring of 2012, he had a background shooting photos and videos of skateboarders for Skateboard Magazine. He’s gone on to make all kinds of engaging videos and we work with him whenever we have a chance. This time, his subject is about the mystery of creativity.

Jay Allison introduces this new video by saying, “It’s full of voices—including some radio storytellers, along with David Lynch, Chuck Close, Susan Orlean, my 7-year-old son, and others. The video poses the question of its title, “Where Do Ideas Come From?” and the answering words and images will stick with you, blinking on and off in your brain, while you try to come up with an idea yourself. You may even be invigorated by the reminder that it’s mostly up to you. Ideas are everywhere. You just have to notice them.”

Go see! Click here to view the video and read Andrew’s thoughts on its creation.

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