For over 20 years, APM has been bringing the best minds in radio and other media to inspire and train the next generation of storytellers.


Training the Next Generation

Atlantic Public Media’s 20+ year history of contributing to public media through its website, its 10-year Transom Story Workshop program, and its essential participation in the founding of WCAI, PRX, Transom, and The Moth Radio Hour establishes it as a training hub for audio loving producers and aspiring storytellers.

Our Training Projects

Transom Story Lab

For over twenty years, APM has been helping people tell their stories. Now, we are developing a new experiment to do just that: The Transom Story Lab.


Sound School Podcast

Sound School is the bi-weekly podcast on radio storytelling produced by Rob Rosenthal for PRX and Transom.

Transom Story Workshop

For over ten years, we’ve hosted a hands on workshop for public media storytelling online, on the road, and in Woods Hole, the home of Atlantic Public Media.

For the next generation of public media makers – an online master class and audition stage offering all the tools needed to tell a story, and the inspiration to make that story matter.

A Video Tribute to Transom

Proof of Love

Radio veterans and newcomers alike pay tribute to Transom’s work in channeling new voices to public media.

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