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Learn about APM's work in founding WCAI/NAN and the daily life of the station.


A Laboratory for the Local

Atlantic Public Media began its life as the founding organization for public radio stations WCAI, WNAN and WZAI on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Brewster and Nantucket, known collectively as WCAI. APM is actively involved in the daily life of the station, providing regular programming and special feature content (both local and national) for broadcast.

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The Sonic IDs

APM pioneered and continues to create the “Sonic IDs,” stories and anecdotes woven throughout the day, connecting the listeners in our broadcast area.

Elspeth Hay producing a segment of Local Food Report.

The Local Food Report

Creator Elspeth Hay, along with editor Viki Merrick, takes us to the heart of the local food movement to talk with growers, harvesters, modern pioneers, harvesters, cooks, and visionaries.

The submersible's manipulator arm collecting a crab trap containing five galatheid crabs. (PHOTO: NOAA)

Science Minutes

Stories from inside the work and passion of our local science community.

Arts & Ideas

Arts & Ideas

A weekly 4-hour “documentary DJ” program for non-mainstream radio documentary.

Essays & Listener Line

Essays & Listener Line

Atlantic Public Media works with local writers to produce essays for both local and national broadcast.

Fundraising Spots

Fundraising Spots

APM periodically creates fundraising spots, often humorous, always featuring a special local flavor.

There was a journey in creating the Cape and Island’s first public radio station. Learn more about APM’s role and efforts in founding WCAI/NAN.

Two Decades of Public Radio for the Cape & Islands

In 2021, staff, friends, and supporters of WCAI/NAN joined founder Jay Allison for an online celebration of the station’s first two decades.

In addition to local voices, Jay was joined by public radio’s Ira Glass, Jad Abulmrad, and other national figures who have been friends to APM and the station. 

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