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The goal of Atlantic Public Media is to extend the power of a story shared. We believe in the art of the story, in the power of sound and spoken word, and in the creative use of our tools — radio and the internet — to make connections between people, slip past defenses and prejudice, and create a sense of neighborliness among all who listen.



Atlantic Public Media has been central to the founding of WCAI, PRX, Transom, and The Moth Radio Hour, among other initiatives. These projects and institutions have had impact locally, nationally, and internationally.

Through its mix of residential and remote programming, the Transom Story Lab will support artists, bridge differences, strengthen communities, connect us to our environment, and create beautiful and significant work in audio and other media.

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Model for Distribution

Atlantic Public Media and the Station Resource Group co-founded the Public Radio Exchange (prx.org) an Internet-based distribution system for public media, which allows every citizen’s voice to reach the public radio system. PRX received the MacArthur Foundation’s “Genius Organization Award.”

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