About APM

Photo: Nubar Alexanian

Our Vision

The goal of Atlantic Public Media is to extend the power of a story shared. We believe in the art of the story, in the power of sound and spoken word, and in the creative use of our tools — radio and the internet — to make connections between people, slip past defenses and prejudice, and create a sense of neighborliness among all who listen.

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A Laboratory for the Local…

LISTENWCAI – Cape & the Islands

Atlantic Public Media founded the Cape and Islands public radio station. Through our partnership with WGBH, WCAI has become part of the fabric of the community and, though our innovative and experimental local work, we provide blueprints to other public radio stations around the country.

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Training the Next Generation…


Transom.org is an online resource for the next generation of public media makers – a master class and audition stage offering all the tools needed to tell a story, and the inspiration to make that story matter. Transom is the first website ever to win the Peabody Award.

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New Models for Distribution…

Public Radio Exchange

Atlantic Public Media co-founded the Public Radio Exchange (prx.org) an Internet-based distribution system for public media, which allows every citizen’s voice to reach the public radio system. PRX received the MacArthur Foundation’s “Genius Organization Award.”

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Unexpected Perspectives…

This I BelieveThis I Believe

APM co-created This I Believe, which went beyond the daily news to involve people from all walks of life speaking about what matters most. More than 50,000 people have written essays, and the first book was a New York Times bestseller.

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Our Series

Atlantic Public Media and its founder Jay Allison have won most of the major awards in broadcasting, including the duPont Columbia and five Peabodys. Some of our productions and collaborations are Lost & Found Sound, Stories from the Heart of the Land, Hidden Kitchens, Life Stories, A Life Sentence, and hundreds of individual documentaries and features.

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A Gift


Photo: Joel Meyerowitz

In the early going, photographer Joel Meyerowitz, bless his heart, gave us the use of this image… to anticipate our signal crossing the water. This image, and the single word, “LISTEN,” are now the signature of WNAN and WCAI.