New Show: The Last Winter


A meandering road trip can lead to who knows where and who knows what. In the case of Kristin Moe and Nathan Tobey, it led to their giving birth to a radio story. . . about death. And over the course of three years, Kristin and Nathan struggled over how to produce this piece, a struggle they chronicle at Transom.

TheLastWinter_FEATURED-720x396As Kristin said: “Most of us have a vague picture of our ideal death: quick and painless, or in a comfy bed with our family hovering reverently around us. But we don’t often imagine what the experience of death will actually be like–for us, or for the people going through it with us. Hint: It can get really weird. It can also be healing. Enter Alice, a spunky 86-year-old who decided that she really wanted to die. She was in a lot of pain, and was just kind of over it. So, she told her kids: guys, I’ve decided to stop eating and drinking.”

Click here to hear the piece and how they made it.

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