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Yohancified: Making You Didn’t See Nothin

Note from Sarah Geis: This manifesto is made up of excerpts of interviews I did with fellow members of the core production team: Yohance Lacour, Bill Healy, Erisa Apantaku and Dana Brozost-Kelleher. But the podcast could not have been made without the fearless reporting and advocacy of Alison Flowers and Jamie Kalven at the Invisible […]

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All Hear, April 2024

Hello! Welcome (back) to All Hear, the Everything List for Audio Opportunities. You might know me as an organiser of resources, but I’m an audio

Building A New Media Ecosystem

Looking for a Signal We’ve spent the last five years using our perspective as scientists and funders not only to figure out why exceptional independent

The Um, A Deep Dive

Dale Lumsden taught me how to cut tape — as in reel-to-reel tape. I call his teaching approach “The Lumsden Method.” The way Dale did

All Hear, March 2024

Hello! Welcome (back) to All Hear, the Everything List for Audio Opportunities. It’s International Women’s Day tomorrow and this month there’s some suitably great opportunities

Small, Random, and Meaningful

A journalist friend of mine once joked, “This is how journalists count: One. Two. Trend.” Just in case it doesn’t make sense, I’ll explain. Reporters

All Hear, February 2024

Hello! Welcome (back) to All Hear, the Everything List for Audio Opportunities. This is my first All Hear as a freelancer… I haven’t been fully freelance since

A Triple Whammy

One of the strangest things I’ve ever seen in a radio studio — maybe the strangest thing I’ve seen — happened during a class on

All Hear, January 2024

Hello! Welcome (back) to All Hear, the Everything List for Audio Opportunities. I hope everyone had a lovely and restful holiday. There are loads of

Tracking Partners

When you listen to Martine Powers narrating The Empty Grave of Comrade Bishop from The Washington Post, here’s what you don’t see and hear: This

But I’m a Virgo

CONTENT NOTE: This piece contains brief mention of suicidal ideation and ableism.  CONCEPT AND PROCESS  The process of being diagnosed as autistic is tough. It

Community Visions: Outside My Door

Remember the Lockdown Times? The Stay-at-Home, it’s Safer to Not Breathe Each Others’ Air times? The Overemoting from the Waist Up, while Slumping in PJ’s

Running After Lulu

My wife called me a psycho after she first heard this story.  I admit, it hits a little harder coming from her. Not because she’s

Which Is the Better Open?

The opening to the previous episode of Sound School was boring. Dull. Uninteresting. As Ira Glass has put it, “Story equals bait plus narrative.” Well,

What Nice People Do

In the early 2000s, I dreamed of quitting my day job to produce radio stories full time. I managed to get a few pieces on

Gear Guide 2023

As we come to the end of the year, we always try to compile a list of interesting gear for people making radio, or podcasts,

Santa Ana Winds

This piece was born out of a strange sense of homesickness I was feeling in the fall of 2022.  It was the first time in

All Hear, December 2023

Hello! Welcome (back) to All Hear, The Everything List for Audio Opportunities. This is the longest edition of All Hear ever — 90+ opportunities! The

Reporting Out at the Edge

Theo Greenly remembers there used to be hovercraft transport to Akutan Island but not anymore. To get there to report a story for the public

Mothers Never Die

During a visit in Paris at the end of 2022 I mentioned to Laurence that I would like to create an audio piece about the

A Tribute to Mary Gaffney

September 25, 1950 – September 4, 2023 From Syd Lewis (Transom Editor) Losing Mary Hearing of sound engineer Mary Gaffney’s death staggered me. I’d spoken with


Floating… Floating is an excerpt from my staged work CHRCH, A BLACK MUSIC STORY.  CHRCH is a work of autofiction that follows my own lived

Mixing Fiction with Non-fiction

One of the ways I discover new podcasts is by reading “best of” lists. While there can be a lot of dreck in those lists,

Pineapple Head

Sharif Youssef’s “Pineapple Head” is a poetic little piece, written like a children’s book, but exploring themes of depression and loneliness. The post Pineapple Head


Would you mind turning on the light switch? When I moved to the U.S., I lived for a while in Borough Park, a neighborhood in

All Hear, November 2023

Hello! Welcome (back) to All Hear, the Everything List for Audio Opportunities. I’m really excited about this month’s edition. It’s filled with so many opportunities

Are You Listening?

Parachuting In the early aughts I was getting my feet wet professionally as a radio reporter in Chicago and increasingly was interested in parts of

Every Library In My Life

Welcome to my circus This piece embodies a personal journey of resilience. As a young, book-hungry reader in a family without means for books and

Revisiting: Remembering Studs

Today, Sound School marks the 15th anniversary of the death of Studs Terkel — America’s interviewer. Who didn’t Studs interview?! He chronicled the life of 20th century America from

The Collector

The Plan There was none. I was winging it.  Beginnings So where did I start?  Maybe it was with the pugs. Their snuffles and grunts

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