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Happy 15th Sound School!

We were digging into some numbers the other day. By “we,” I mean, Jay Allison and Jennifer Jerrett at Transom and Kerri Hoffman at PRX. And by numbers, I mean “How many episodes of Sound School have there been?” The answer is simple — 20. But if you add in episodes of HowSound, which was […]

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The Fingerprint of Chris Brookes

For this episode of The Sound School Podcast, I took Chris Brookes’ advice. “I believe in finding a talisman,” Chris wrote on Transom back in

All Hear, April 2023

Hello! Welcome back to All Hear, the Everything List for Audio Opportunities. If you’re new here, my name is Talia, I’m an audio producer based

Producing a Non-narrated Obituary

“You don’t want the music to take over or even be noticed very much.” I think that’s the most important observation Quil Lawrence made when

What’s Next for Munira?

  If a podcast drops in Tanzania, does it make a sound? Munira Kaoneka is asking just that question when producing a podcast from her

All Hear, March 2023

Hello! Welcome (back) to All Hear Hello! Welcome (back) to All Hear, the Everything List for Audio Opportunities. Before I get into this month’s Spotlights

Still More Darts and Laurels

If a humpback whale could talk to us, what would they say? Dr. Geraint Rhys Whittaker decided they might say the same thing someone who

All Hear, February 2023

Hello! Welcome (back) to All Hear In case this is your first time: my name is Talia, I’m an audio producer based in London. Last

Dear Birth Mother

“Should I? Or shouldn’t I?” “Should I? Or Shouldn’t I?” I must have asked myself that question a thousand times. My internal dialogue never seemed

All Hear, January 2023

The Everything List for Audio Opportunities Hi there! My name is Talia, I’m an audio producer based in London. When I entered the industry a

All Hear Coming Soon!

The Everything List of Audio Opportunities When I was just starting out, it was hard to learn about what opportunities were out there in the

Small, Random, and Meaningful

A call for submissions for the Transom Specials We want to help support your passion project — a small, random, one-off story or audio experiment

Atlantic Public Media

Starting Out: Issue 16, with James Kim

Introduction   Hey y’all,  As longtime readers of the newsletter know, I’m a gardener. Which means I have a tough time in January. It’s too early

Jeremy Hobson

After it was time for bed, I could turn on the radio and hear a live person on the other end. Someone who was speaking

Recording Sound Design in the Field

Maybe the most heartbreaking scene in Q&A, the first season of the fiction podcast Mumbai Crime from Radiotopia, is the moment Thomas, the lead character,

Stories From Slovenia

In 2010, Matej Praprotnik had his ears pried open. Matej traveled all the way from his home country of Slovenia to San Francisco to be

Gear Guide 2022

Happy Cyber Monday! The annual timetable of holiday shopping has increasingly smeared in the last few years, with sales offered by various retailers appearing before

Writing An Audio Essay

Every day, reporters ask interviewees to go deep, to reveal profoundly personal information. Stories about all manner of difficult subject matter: divorce, illness, fraud, war,

Starting Out: Issue 14, with Who? Weekly

Introduction Hey y’all,  I can’t lie, I’m especially excited about this month’s interview. It’s with the podcast that I’ve listened to more than any other.

Ariana Martinez, Part 2

Making Time (Re)Introduction I actually remember, precisely, when I came to understand the importance of daydreaming and, more broadly, of Slowness. This lesson came to

An Indie Audio Maker’s Manifesto

We’re living through an era of social and political tumult, when civic discourse is breaking down and the founding notions of democracy are being challenged.

Hand Over The Cash?

There’s the anecdote about the trampoline. It goes like this: Phoenix Jones, a real-life superhero who wears a Batman-type outfit, chases a bad guy down

32-Bit Float Audio

It’s not often that we experience fundamental shifts in the technology we use to record audio. In the portable-recorder world, there have been a couple

Getting Honest

On this archive episode of the Sound School Podcast, a gift. A gift from producer Will Coley and editor Viki Merrick. Frequently, what takes place

Darts and Laurels Minus The Darts

There’s a rule for interviewers: shut up. Interviewers are not supposed to talk while an interviewee gives an answer. In particular, don’t say “mm-hm” or

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