New Show: Sounds Good! Sound For Film And Video



Executive Director Jay Allison described Transom’s new shows in his Editor’s Letter. We share his words about this new entry into Andrew Norton’s cheeky Sounds Good! series, along with a seriously informative article from independent multimedia documentary maker
Ben Shapiro.

Jay’s Editor’s Letter:
Andrew Norton is back with another installment of his pseudo-archival series, “Sounds Good!”. These are the best fake Canadian instructional videos about sound recording in the world. This episode covers recording sound for film, and reminds us that “movies were originally just books.” We hear about George Orwell’s “Citizen Kane” and creating the film’s “Sound Trek.”  We learn how to record in a green suit so you can be removed from the picture in post production, along with safety tips like, “Never point your microphone directly toward children or animals.”  This is a classic:

Click here for Sounds Good!

* “Radio for Filmmakers” by Ben Shapiro *

For those seeking sounder sound advice, use this link instead. It goes to Ben Shapiro’s tips about how filmmakers can dive into radio, about which skills are transferrable and which you’ll need to learn. Some storytellers think with their eyes, some with their ears. Ben’s piece helps make the translation.

Click here for Radio for Filmmakers.

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