Lessons Learned While Making A (The) Daily


Michael Barbaro, Emily Steel, Andy Mills
Michael Barbaro, Emily Steel, Andy Mills

Jay Allison’s introduction to producer Andy Mills’ new manifesto is the perfect enticement to further explore this excellent Transom post.

“Andy Mills has shared his work on Transom before, but that was when he had more time. Recently he transformed from a producer with weeks or months to produce a story–to a producer with a DAILY deadline, i.e. “The Daily” from the New York Times.

Andy breaks down the differences for us, including the revelation that he hasn’t had to give up his ambitious and artistic storytelling tendencies even amid the grind. His Transom feature is filled with excellent advice–like the tricks to a good opening, finding emotional connection, taking chances, and teamwork. Lots of audio samples here too. This is a great tutorial for any producer, no matter what your deadline.”

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