Knight-funded TOW Experiment
Photos taken by TOW students


We created the Transom Online Workshop (TOW) as a learning environment for the art and craft of multimedia storytelling, supported by the Knight Prototype Fund. We had three beta workshops, about six weeks each, with 60 learners from six continents across 20 timezones. The assignments were to interview, photograph, and audio/video-record strangers.

Here’s a sampling of photographs taken by TOW learners, followed by a video produced by one of our learners, the first-time he ever produced a story:

Photos taken by TOW students
Photos taken by TOW students

“TOW Around the World” is an international gallery of multimedia works. At SoundCloud we have selected audio work by TOW learners, asking strangers the question, “What are you afraid of?”:

The “How to Shoot B-Roll” video is an example of our TOW-created learning materials:

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