In Conversation: Joe Richman & Bill Siemering



Transom is beginning a new occasional series. We’re calling it In Conversation.

Thoughtful discussion between two practitioners about the making of media and related matters.

Our inaugural discussion is between Radio Diaries creator Joe Richman and radio elder and visionary Bill Siemering, an inspiration to radio makers everywhere, whether they realize it or not.

Jay Allison introduces the kernel at the heart of this meeting with these words:

The Internet and on-demand is fundamentally changing the landscape of public radio. Does it change our mission?

From the Mission Statement:

National Public Radio will not regard its audience as a market, or in terms of its disposable income, but as curious, complex individuals who are looking for some understanding, meaning, and joy in the human experience.

Words to remember.

See the conversation at Transom and hear Bill read what he wrote in the original National Public Radio Mission Statement by clicking here.

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