Good News: “Our Show” – The Atlantic’s Best Podcast


As this difficult year draws to an end, we have the happy opportunity to share celebratory words from Executive Director Jay Allison:

We’re so pleased to note that Erica Heilman’s Our Show was recognized as the #1 Best Podcast of 2020 by The Atlantic. This was among some super-worthy contenders.

Here’s the list:

The series is a global Vox Pop stitching together voices from a rudderless time without familiar reference points. Erica said, “It’s the darkest thing to happen in my lifetime, but also strangely the most unifying. We’re all experiencing the very same thing. At the same time. But not together.“ This was a project designed to build community when community was hard to find. When Erica reached out to Transom in March to explore a collaboration, we were glad for the chance to support her, and Transom’s Samantha Broun jumped in to take the lead on our end. We’re all grateful to the National Endowment for the Arts for their support of this collaboration. We’re also pleased because it gives us the chance to feature Our Show again.

Here’s the full series on Transom:

The hour-long version is here:

And, finally, Erica’s great podcast “Rumblestrip Vermont” in which Our Show appeared is right here:

Join us in congratulating Erica on this work that The Atlantic describes as “A poignant soundtrack of 2020, built from one of the hardest months in world history. It came out at just the right moment and remains as heartrending and comforting now as it was then.”

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