A Showcase & Workshop for New Public Media… channels new work and voices to public radio and public media, with a focus on the power of story and the ways public media can be useful in a changing and diversifying media environment., which Atlantic Public Media created and administers, was born from of a chance conversation with journalist and devoted public radio listener, Bill McKibben, who longed to hear more diverse and interesting stories on the air. Jay Allison championed the idea, liking the way it brings together the worlds of public radio and online community, seeing it as a way to encourage, teach, and stimulate creative story-telling from anyone anywhere who has access to the web.’s open door submission policy attracts both aspiring and practiced audio producers, or simply those who want to tell a story using sound. provides a commons and a community. Our TOOLS editor Jeff Towne regularly reviews new equipment, shares techniques, and answers questions. Masters of the craft share thoughts on the practice of story telling. Experienced producers share information and advice on everything from equipment to approach.

Transom.orgFeatures are showcased for visitors to hear and discuss. Novices venture into a new world, and the experienced try fresh approaches.

Among our special guests: Radio legends Norman Corwin and the late Studs Terkel, documentarian Errol Morris, sound mix maestro Walter Murch, and a roster of public radio standouts, including Ira Glass, Robert Krulwich, Sarah Koenig, Nancy Updike, Chana Joffe-Walt and many others.

From Transom came the Transom Radio Hour, and Transom Radio Specials, featuring work from or inspired by the site.

In 2004, won the first George Foster Peabody Award ever granted exclusively to a Web site. The Peabody Award is considered the most prestigious award in electronic media around the world.

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