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Jay Allison in the studio (PHOTO: Terry Pommet)

Public Radio Exchange (PRX) is a non-profit media company specializing in audio journalism and storytelling, with a belief that strong public media is anchored in journalism, strengthened with diverse voices, and amplified by innovative technology. Their mission is to lead changes that expand public media as a trusted source of knowledge, information, and inspiration for all.

The idea for PRX stemmed from the search for content for Arts & Ideas, a four-hour mix of eclectic programming. Jay Allison and A&I producer Viki Merrick would daydream about an online marketplace that featured work by independent producers. That vision became a reality in 2003, when Allison, together with the Station Resource Group, co-founded the Public Radio Exchange (PRX) as an innovative Internet-based distribution system for public radio. PRX has since reshaped the landscape of public radio and its success was rewarded with a 2008 MacArthur “Genius” Award for Organizations.

Unlike traditional restrictive portals for producers trying to get their work broadcast, PRX is open to all producers so that every public radio station can access a vast array of new and different voices. PRX encourages the free and independent voice and artistic expression thanks to its vast database of peer-reviewed programming options. Supported by many major foundations, PRX has become a model for digital licensing, rights management, and distribution–all designed with the rights of the artist in mind. In 2018 PRX merged with Public Radio International (PRI). In 2020, PRX introduced PRX Productions, a team of audio directors, editors, sound designers, engineers and producers specializing in high quality audio production and storytelling.

News from PRX site

“It’s a smart solution to the problem of excellent and innovative productions failing to reach wide audiences.”
— The Boston Globe

“PRX is a sort of bottomless grab bag full of radio pieces. It is part radio distribution service and part peer-review resource.”
— The Washington Post

“After its first year, the nonprofit PRX Public Radio Exchange has received a clear signal that its idea of linking radio programs with stations in search of content is working.” — The Chronicle of Philanthropy

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