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Atlantic Public Media’s Executive Director Jay Allison began his career as a radio producer and journalist in the 1970s, producing work for NPR early in its broadcast life. During that same decade, he logged onto the internet, also in its infancy, as a way to reach out to the larger world from his corner of Woods Hole, Massachusetts. He quickly grasped the possibilities the web offered for finding and sharing information, experience, and stories.

Allison embedded his calling of helping people to tell their own stories into Atlantic Public Media’s mission, and has consistently made use of the internet to connect people from all over, and from all walks of life, and encouraged them to hear each other.

PUBLIC RADIO EXCHANGEAPM’s role as a production and training company, its creation of Transom.org, its co-founding of the Public Radio Exchange (PRX.org) –– an online distribution system that makes a wealth of independent work available to listeners and public radio stations –– and its work on such innovative productions as This I Believe, Stories From the Heart of the Land, and The Moth Radio Hour, all of which have a strong web presence, make it a hub for cultivating talent and creating new channels for distribution.

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