Transom Story Workshop
For over ten years, we've hosted a hands on workshop for public media storytelling online, on the road, and in Woods Hole, the home of Atlantic Public Media.


About The Transom Story Workshop

For over twenty years has been a virtual workshop for public media storytelling for anyone with access to a computer, but always, the dream was to have an actual workshop in Woods Hole, the home of Atlantic Public Media. In the fall of 2011, instructor Rob Rosenthal, who developed and ran the radio track at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies for many years, told us he was available, and we decided to give it a go.

In October 2011, we launched our pilot Transom Story Workshop for beginning radio producers.

The workshop was so successful we continued on with twice yearly, spring and fall, workshops. Nine novice radio students came to live in Woods Hole to learn the craft of telling stories with sound. The students came from all over the United States, Canada, as well as overseas, and ranged in age from their early-twenties to mid-fifties.

Guest speakers joined the students throughout the eight weeks, among them: Ira Glass and Nancy Updike of This American Life; Robert Smith of Planet Money; NPR reporters Alix Spiegel and Deborah Amos; David Krasnow from Studio 360; radio producer Scott Carrier; Atlantic Public Media’s Jay Allison and Viki Merrick; Samantha Broun and Amanda Kowalski of SoundLight Media; Transom’s Tool Guy, Jeff Towne; independent radio producer Ari Daniel Shapiro; and WGBH’s duPont-Columbia Award-winning reporter Sean Corcoran.

The Covid pandemic has put the Transom Story Workshop on hold since 2020. In the meantime, we’ve decided to pursue another long held dream: The Transom Story Lab.

Transom Story Lab

For over twenty years, APM has been helping people tell their stories. Now, we are developing a new experiment to do just that: The Transom Story Lab.

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