The Sonic IDs
APM pioneered and continues to create the “Sonic IDs,” stories and anecdotes woven throughout the day, connecting the listeners in our broadcast area.


Listen... The late Sidney Harris remembers the deaf community of Martha’s Vineyard.

WCAI/NANTalking With Their Hands

About the Sonic IDs

APM pioneered and continues to create the “Sonic IDs”, stories and anecdotes that weave throughout the broadcast day of WCAI with the voices, sounds and stories of our region.

This innovative way of keeping the station intensely local using interstitial station ID breaks with the voices of people from the listening community have become a blueprint replicated by stations across the country.

In an interview for Nieman Foundation, Jay Allison talks about how, as WCAI’s library of Sonic IDs has grown over the past 17 years, a living oral history project has taken shape

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