Stories from the Heart of the Land

Highlights from the 6-Part Radio Series

“If you could tell any story about people and the natural world, what would it be?”

That’s what Jay Allison asked some of his favorite radio producers, and they went… all over.

“Stories from the Heart of the Land” — released in August, 2007 — was a six-part series featuring intimate stories from around the world about the human connection to land and landscape.

We’re all dependent on the land, although some people feel that connection more keenly than others. Those are the people we’ll hear from.

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The Stories

Portraits in Landscapes

Portrait? Or Landscape? In documenting the natural world, our producers discover those old painterly distinctions don’t quite hold.

The Nature of the Imagination

All of us—even those who never leave the backyard—can clearly picture distant locales. (Quick! Imagine the Amazon!) Why is that? In this hour we try to answer.

Journeys Home and Away

“Finding Yourself” — isn’t that the thing that kids do with backpacks in Europe? Not always. In this hour, we send a few brave radio producers out into nature on a mission of discovery.

Nature is Homeground

On some corner of the vast Earth, each one of us has a place—real or remembered—to call home. In this hour we are invited onto other people’s sacred ground.

Dreams of Paradise

People living out dreams of paradise… and sometimes waking up to a nightmare.

Depending On Nature

People who commit to patch of land, invest their energy, and hope for a harvest—but not necessarily in any way you’d expect.

Special Feature

Learn how legendary guitarist/composer Bill Frisell created the music for the Stories from the Heart of the Land series.

More Special Features

90 Degrees North

Interview w/ Elizabeth Arnold

After over 15 years as a reporter on environment and politics, producer Elizabeth Arnold went somewhere that no one travels to easily—the North Pole.

Katie Lee

Interview w/ The Kitchen Sisters

The Kitchen Sisters talk about “Cry Me a River” and the stories of three river guides who try—and fail—to stop the damming of their rivers.

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