The Kitchen Sisters Collaborations
APM's award winning collaborations with The Kitchen Sisters, Nikki Silva and Davia Nelson.


Jay Allison and his friends, The Kitchen Sisters (Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva), along with the APM team, have joined forces a number of times. Allison served as the co-producer and curator of the Quest for Sound on All Things Considered‘s Lost & Found Sound and was also the curator for The Sonic Memorial Project. Both were noted for their websites, and each won a Peabody Award. Allison also worked with the Sisters as curator for the duPont-Columbia Award-winning Hidden Kitchens for NPR’s Morning Edition. In 2022, the audio archive of the Kitchen Sisters was acquired by the Library of Congress.
The Kitchen Sisters, Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva.
The Kitchen Sisters, Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva.

Our Collaborations w/ The Kitchen Sisters

Hidden Kitchens

Hidden Kitchens

Jay Allison helped The Kitchen Sisters create the Hidden Kitchens series chronicling legendary meals and eating traditions.

The Sonic Memorial Project

The Sonic Memorial

A unique national collaboration, post 9/11, resulting in a commemoration of a time and a place.

Lost & Found Sound

Lost & Found Sound

As curators for the Quest for Sound, Jay Allison and the APM team encouraged listeners to appreciate their found sounds as part of a larger sonic landscape.

In addition to their collaborations with us on radio series and specials, The Kitchen Sisters have been frequent guests and contributors to our website, Read Nikki and Davia’s 2014 article where they speak on the use of music in their productions.
Using Music: The Kitchen Sisters

This is Radio

Filmmaker Andrew Norton created a series for called This Is Radio. In this episode, Nikki and Davia speak on their approach to storytelling: a slow cooker, gently marinating in a subject’s world, coaxing out all the aromas to create a complex story.

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