New Show – Pandemic ER: Notes From A Nurse In Queens


A note from Jay Allison:

We can’t see what’s going in Emergency Rooms in New York, but it’s important to know about it, through first-hand reports. Kate O’Connell is a radio producer who studied at our nine-week Story Workshop in Woods Hole. She’s also a nurse in a hospital emergency room in Queens, NY.

When the coronavirus pandemic exploded in the U.S. and especially in New York City, Transom’s Samantha Broun reached out to Kate to see how she was, and how things were at work.

The email she sent was so honest and revealing that we asked if she might want to record it. And we asked if she might want to keep sending us audio letters so we can hear directly what’s happening at one of the centers of the outbreak.
We’ll post updates as frequently as we get them. They’ll also be made available via our podcast. Listen.

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