New Manifesto: Zoe Chace


This American Life producer Zoe Chace has written a timely manifesto for Transom, and Jay Allison’s introduction nicely sums it up, so we’ll lure you over to her highly useful thoughts with his words:

In her reporting, This American Life’s Zoe Chace has a combination of friendliness and fierceness. She’s a dogged questioner, but also nice. I’m always glad when she reports on some opaque, schematic story, because I’m sure she’ll bring light and humanity to it.

Want to know some of her tricks? Okay. Check out her new Transom Manifesto “How To Talk To A Politician For A Radio Story.” Honestly, it could be called, “How To Talk To People Like They’re People,” but in the political realm, that’s no easy task. As Zoe says, “How do you get great tape in a situation that is almost diabolically designed to prevent that from ever happening?”

To find the answer, click here.