New Manifesto: What To Do If Your Workplace Is Too White

You can find a brand new important manifesto on diversity in public media over at Transom. We quote Executive Director Jay Allison’s introduction to this article because it says it all.
“In this system, we think of ourselves as open-minded and progressive. We exist to serve the public, after all. Yet, in a country comprised of so much human variety, our sound can be homogenous. Let’s face it: we may WANT to do better, but we’re just not fully representing the amazing country we serve. We have good intentions, but when we don’t deliver, excuses abound. And, often, we leave it at that.

Stephanie’s manifesto addresses all the excuses and offers simple ways to override them. It should be required reading for everyone involved in building our workforce or programming. It’s a roadmap, it’s an action plan, it’s a manifesto.”

You can read it here.