New Idea: Laura Starcheski on Investigative Reporting


Over at Transom, we’ve recently posted an article from long-time producer Laura Starecheski.

Starecheski is currently senior reporter and producer for Reveal at The Center for Investigative Reporting, where her work has won a National Edward R. Murrow award, among others.

Jay Allison’s introduction says it all:

Narrative radio documentary is all about story arc, building tension, and carefully crafting a world. Investigative reporting, in a classic sense, is all about FOIA requests, spreadsheets, exposing wrongdoing, and getting the bad guy. Laura Starecheski is tasked with marrying these two worlds at Reveal (from The Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX) where she is a senior reporter and producer. Laura’s manifesto tells us where investigative reporting is alive and well in the public radio system, and she offers advice and encouragement for anyone who thinks digging deep sounds like fun.

Check it out by clicking here.