Nepal: Barpak Radio Fund


Transom has strong connections to Nepal and we have been looking for ways to help post-earthquakes. Since our mission is tied to public radio and community, that’s the arena where our support makes sense, and we have found a worthy project: The Barpak Radio Fund.

Madhu Acharya is spearheading this particular effort. We first met Madhu Acharya when he organized a successful Nepali version of our series, “This I Believe.”

Madhu is now focusing on the Barpak region at the epicenter of the earthquake, where he and his team carried their Doko (Suitcase) Radio project and first introduced the villages to radio transmission. Now, The Barpak Radio Fund wants to create service to the region, build a community center around the station, and make sure everyone is connected by radio — a source of support, information, and comfort in a time like this.

With your help, this will begin happening right now. Seed funds are already in hand. Madhu will soon travel to Barpak. Read Madhu’s plan and donate. Thank you.

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***Under instructions please mention Barpak Radio Fund for channeling the funds to this project.***