Advertising, Podcasting and Public Radio


On July 26th, The New York Times ran a piece by Dino Grandoni called “Ads for Podcasts Test the Line Between Story and Sponsor.”

Atlantic Public Media’s Executive Director, Jay Allison, was quoted in the article, but he had a lot more to say about the subject, beginning with this:

“Over the years, public radio has been a magnet for talented and idealistic people. It provides a context of mission, not marketplace. It draws producers committed to journalism, education, art, social issues, a full range of perspectives, and the free voice. It’s a social engine driven by the energy of those who believe in it. Without that central mission, the energy dissipates. With a commercial focus, driven by metrics of popularity, it will be entrepreneurs — not necessarily driven by high ideals — who thrive.”

Click here to see some of the notes he shared with the reporter.