Transom Radio Specials

TransomThe Transom Radio Specials, an occasional series, spring directly from, our experiment in channeling new work and voices to public radio through the internet, discussing that work, and encouraging more. The stories are personal, in some cases intense, from unusual and diverse sources; the kind of thing you don’t hear anywhere else.

Transom Radio Specials exemplify’s mission of bringing not only new voices to public radio but also new ways of telling. They encourage the growth of slow radio, championing radio that is willing to take its time.

You can listen to our available collection of specials on PRX. A few noteworthy examples are below.

Our Show

Our Show Hour

Erica Heilman’s Our Show – The Radio Hour is like a flower arrangement, all different elements, put together just so. Erica produces the neighborly podcast, Rumble Strip, and when COVID-19 struck, she looked for a way to be useful. She asked her podcast listeners if they wanted to make something together. Word spread. Around the world. Our Show is a gathering of voices, a voluntary oral history of a certain moment on the planet, a global vox pop. This piece was recognized as the #1 Best Podcast of 2020 by The Atlantic

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Borders Between Us

Borders Between Us
Saidu Tejan-Thomas is a young poet. For a long time, he had a story he needed to tell: an homage and apology to his mother. It’s a tragic love story driven by the tangled search for a better life. It’s personal, using Saidu’s poems to serve the narrative, but set against the universal perils of immigration–in Saidu’s case, from Sierra Leone in West Africa–but by extension, from anywhere. This piece won Third Coast’s 2020 Silver Award for Best Documentary.

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