Milk Street Radio

Milk Street is the most recent creation of Christopher Kimball, who founded Cook’s Magazine in 1980 at the age of 29. He later founded America’s Test Kitchen, which spawned Cook’s Illustrated, Cook’s Country, along with the related television cooking show.


Milk Street’s Christoper Kimball and cohort in the kitchen.

During travels abroad, exploring the food of other cultures, Kimball came to realize, “There is no ‘ethnic’ cooking. It’s a myth. It’s just dinner or lunch served somewhere else in the world.” Milk Street came out of that insight. He sees the mission as “a culinary –– not cultural –– exchange . . . We think of recipes as belonging to a people and place; outsiders are interlopers. Milk Street offers the opposite –– an invitation to the cooks of the world to sit at the same table.”

Kimball found radio and cooking to be a natural fit, and Atlantic Public Media did the production work on the America’s Test Kitchen radio show/podcast, and now does the editing and mixing on Milk Street Radio.

Recent Awards

Listener Response:

“At a time when there is so much negative noise in the world this podcast is balm to the soul.”

“This show is the best. Honestly, I can listen to it all day. I love that the show features separate segments so the listener doesn’t get bored and the show switches pace in a true auditory and culinary adventure. At the end of each show I’m inspired to try something new and what I already know is enhanced by expert experience. Thank you so much for this show!”