National Projects

Atlantic Public Media is dedicated to encouraging citizen stories, a mission carried through the work we create –– new public media institutions, acclaimed series and documentaries, award-winning websites, and a local public radio service known for its innovation –– all designed to keep the public in public media. Our national projects reflect our devotion to presenting creative work about life and the human story.

THE MOTHOur radio series: true, personal stories told live
Encyclopedia of LifeOur collaboration with the Encyclopedia of Life
Stories from The Heart of the LandIntimate stories about our connection to land and landscape
FRONTLINE DISPATCHPodcast for the esteemed PBS program
REALITY RADIOInspired story-makers reflect on public radio
This I BelieveThe popular NPR series we produced
Transom Radio Specials Bringing new voices and styles to public radio
The Kitchen Sisters CollaborationsUnusual stories of memory, culture, and history
Nature Stories PodcastLooking at the natural world from around the globe
MILK STREET RADIORecipes belonging to a people and place
Life StoriesTimeless first-person portraits and essays
Short ListsMysterious stories, with the title at the end