Essays & Listener Line

Commentaries & Essays

PHOTO: Joshua Barlow

Atlantic Public Media works with local writers to produce essays for both local and national broadcast. Here we feature some of that work.

Listen to a few Essays we have featured to date.

Natalie Mariano - One Veteran's Search for Forgiveness


Dennis Downey on Buzzard's Bay


Carol Wasserman - After Labor Day


Listener Line

We installed a Listener Line where people can call and leave stories on voice mail. We just pick the good ones and put them on the air. In the days following 9/11, we received numerous messages, words of care and support, and even poetry. On occasion we call out for stories on a theme connected to where we live, such as hurricane stories, fish recipes, flags, and messages for our sister station Gobi Wave, in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert.

Listen to a sample of messages left on the WCAI Listener Line.





CALLOUT: Sister Station Gobi Wave in Mongolia