The Sonic IDs

APM helps create the “Sonic IDs,” short portraits and stories that weave the broadcast day of WCAI with the voices, sounds and stories of our region. Below are just a few IDs we have featured to date.

Fado Footwear Fado Footwear

Ana & Jose Vinagre, Portugese Fado singers from New Bedford.

Sheep Sheep

Sue Shoen, shepherd at Peterson Farm in Famlouth, on what she’s learned about sheep.

Piano Connection Piano Connection

David Stanwood, piano technician from West Tisbury, recounts a moment of true connection with a piano.

Wack Attack Wack Attack

Nantucket ornithologist Vern Laux is fascinated by ducks.

Whistling Whistling

Francis Doohan walking his cats in Woods Hole.

Sailing Sailing

Writer Susie Seligson of Truro doesn’t like how sailing changes people.

Kitchen Sink Kitchen Sink

Dan Smith of Woods Hole on his red sink.

Second Loves Second Loves

David Greenberger tells the story of how there may be room for more than one love in life, but a wife comes first. From his conversations with the elderly on the Cape and Islands.

The Pet Husband The Pet Husband

Elaine Boehm on how to control one’s spouse.

Neighbors Neighbors

Carolyn Walsh describes an uneasy relationship with a neighbor during her first few weeks on Nantucket.

A Dedication A Dedication

Biologist Jack Palmer of Falmouth tells the story of a book that he wrote and dedicated to his parents.

Ice Rocks Ice Rocks

Cole Louison of Martha’s Vineyard finds some interesting natural objects.

Buck Buck

Lobsterman George Cadwalader of Woods Hole remembers a canine companion.

Speaking Wampanoag Speaking Wampanoag

Earl Mills, Chief Flying Eagle of the Wampanoag tribe in Mashpee.

Motor Motor

Eric Kipp of Martha’s Vineyard explains how a sailor travels when the winds won’t cooperate.

Down Below Down Below

Eric Kipp of Martha’s Vineyard on the experience below the deck of a ship.

Bass Bass

Eric Kipp learns how to cut a fish from fishermen at the Martha’s Vineyard Bass and Bluefish Derby.

Hanging Laundry Hanging Laundry

Nantucketer Eileen McGrath demonstrates the lost art of laundry hanging.

Freedom Freedom

Fisherman and naturalist Dave Masch explains how he ended up working on a boat.

Clock Confessions Clock Confessions

Thomas Hodgson, former keeper of the clock at the congregational church in West Tisbury.