Science Minutes

Science Minutes are created by Atlantic Public Media as part of an ongoing effort to represent the community in the WCAI listening area. Woods Hole is surrounded by science labs and institutions and the Science Minutes try to capture what scientists are doing and thinking about in their labs. Like Sonic IDs, these short portraits and stories are woven into the broadcast day.

Insect Room Insect Room DownloadEntomologist Rich Pollack keeps mosquitoes in a sealed insect room.

Candy Plankton Candy Plankton DownloadBiologist Debbie Steinberg on candy-colored plankton.

Sky Balloons Sky Balloons DownloadPhysicist Walter Lewin attached x-ray telescopes to high-altitude balloons.

Green Machines Green Machines DownloadDale Joachim engineers laptops that help children participate in science.

Rugby Wrens Rugby Wrens DownloadWrens’ songs remind biologist Peter Slater of vicious rugby chants.

True Forgery True Forgery DownloadConservation scientist Narayan Khandeckar x-rays forged artworks.

Rotten Whale Rotten Whale DownloadMarine mammal specialist Katie Touhey describes the stench of dead whales.

Catching Lizards Catching Lizards DownloadHerpetologist Jonathan Losos is an expert lizard catcher.

Scuba Sounds Scuba Sounds DownloadMarine chemist Chris Martens listens to the fishes while scuba diving.

Curious Fish Curious Fish DownloadOceanographic engineer Sheri White remembers a curious fish that came to check out her experiment.

Unintelligent Design Unintelligent Design DownloadEvolutionary biologist James Hanken describes some of nature’s inefficiencies.

Inside Volcanoes Inside Volcanoes DownloadGeologist Ken Sims on climbing into the maw of a volcano.

Robot Pianist Robot Pianist DownloadElectrical engineer Dale Joachim teaches machines to play jazz.

Technological Insight Technological Insight DownloadOceanographer Dave Gallo about the tools that lead to scientific discovery.

Ice Flow Ice Flow DownloadEarth scientist Hugh Ducklow on the seasonal rhythms of sea ice.

Antarctic Etiquette Antarctic Etiquette DownloadBiological oceanographer Oscar Schofield describes Antarctica’s animals, including their bad table manners.

Chemical Arts Chemical Arts DownloadArt conservationist Narayan Khandeckar uses chemistry to find forgeries.

Dolphin CSI Dolphin CSI DownloadRescue specialist Katie Touhey performs necropsies on dolphins, whales, and seals.

Acidic Oceans Acidic Oceans DownloadChemical oceanographer Chris Martens on how climate change impacts our oceans.

Right Whales Right Whales DownloadMarine biologist Charles “Stormy” Mayo studies right whales in the natural aquarium of Cape Cod Bay.