Science Minutes

Science Minutes are created by Atlantic Public Media as part of an ongoing effort to represent the community in the WCAI listening area. Woods Hole is surrounded by science labs and institutions and the Science Minutes try to capture what scientists are doing and thinking about in their labs. Like Sonic IDs, these short portraits and stories are woven into the broadcast day.

Chemical Defenses Chemical Defenses

Marine chemist Chris Reddy on invertebrates’ advanced chemical defenses.

Poison Chompers Poison Chompers DownloadOceanographer Dave Gallo on poison-eating microbes living on the ocean floor.

Alvin Submarine Alvin Submarine DownloadEngineer Sheri White describes working at the bottom of the ocean in a submarine.

Neural Addiction Neural Addiction DownloadNeuroscientist Julie Kauer studies addiction at the cellular level.

Mouse Camouflage Mouse Camouflage DownloadEvolutionary biologist Hopi Hoekstra on genetic adaptations that help mice to camouflage.

Bug Psychology Bug Psychology DownloadEntomologist Rich Pollack addresses people’s queries (and hang-ups) about bugs.

Lab Chainsaw Lab Chainsaw DownloadBiologist Adam Lazarus’ preferred scientific instrument is a chainsaw.

Plankton Pumps Plankton Pumps DownloadThe plankton pumps in biologist Lauren Mullineaux’s laboratory have their own names.

Listening Fish Listening Fish DownloadNeuroscientist Richard Fay on the neurons in fish brains that respond to sound.

Ocean Exploration Ocean Exploration DownloadOceanographer Dave Gallo on the diversity discovered by ocean exploration.

Coconut Crabs Coconut Crabs DownloadOceanographer Sky Moret on giant, nocturnal rat-eating crabs.

Oceanography Dog Oceanography Dog DownloadPhysical oceanographer Amy Bower takes her guide dog Winslow on research cruises.

Ant Fortress Ant Fortress DownloadBiologist Adam Lazarus ransacks an ant fortress.

Scientific Cruise Scientific Cruise DownloadBiologist Lauren Mullineaux on what scientists do for fun aboard a cruise.

Chaffinch Messages Chaffinch Messages DownloadBiologist Peter Slater studies how birds communicate in noisy environments.

Underwater Asphalt Underwater Asphalt DownloadGeochemist Chris Reddy collected tar created on the bottom of the sea.

Hauling Ocean Hauling Ocean DownloadOceanographer Charles Lea on the “Christmas morning” thrill of hauling up samples.

Water Resources Water Resources DownloadOceanographer Dave Gallo puts water in perspective.

Budgett’s Frog Budgett’s Frog DownloadBiologist James Hanken on the carnivorous Budgett’s Frog.

Reptile Adaptations Reptile Adaptations DownloadHerpetologist Jonathan Losos on the diversity of reptiles.