Science Minutes

Science Minutes are created by Atlantic Public Media as part of an ongoing effort to represent the community in the WCAI listening area. Woods Hole is surrounded by science labs and institutions and the Science Minutes try to capture what scientists are doing and thinking about in their labs. Like Sonic IDs, these short portraits and stories are woven into the broadcast day.

Clam Insights Clam Insights

Biologist Roger Hanlon on groundbreaking discoveries made with the same clams we eat in chowder.

Fantastic Voyage Fantastic Voyage DownloadBiologist Hazel Sive imagines traveling inside an embryo.

Attic Skulls Attic Skulls DownloadEvolutionary biologist Hopi Hoekstra gives a tour of the attic at Harvard’s Museum of Comparative Zoology.

Horseshoe Crabs Horseshoe Crabs DownloadBiologist Roger Hanlon on the unique properties of horseshoe crab blood.

Ant Defenses Ant Defenses DownloadBiologist Adam Lazarus describes ants’ arsenal of defenses.

Paint Layers Paint Layers DownloadConservation scientist Narayan Khandeckar studies the materials artists use to paint.

Unexpected Discovery Unexpected Discovery DownloadPhysicist Walter Leuwin on how discovery happens in science.

Hearing Brain Hearing Brain DownloadNeurobiologist Richard Fay on the machinery of the auditory system.

Sargasso Sea Sargasso Sea DownloadOceanographer Erik Zettler on the convergence zone in the Sargasso Sea.

Antarctica Melting Antarctica Melting DownloadMarine biologist Oscar Schofield on how climate change has affected Antarctica.

Glowing Squid Glowing Squid DownloadOceanographer Charles Lea on the iridescent spots decorating the squid.

Whale Courtship Whale Courtship DownloadEcologist Susan Parks studies right whales’ communication and courtship rituals.

Ant Home Ant Home DownloadBiologists Adam Lazarus and Adam Kauppinen break into ants’ homes.

Human Oceans Human Oceans DownloadOceanographer Dave Gallo describes how humans everywhere impact and are affected by the oceans.

Single Cells Single Cells DownloadMicrobiologist David Patterson on the stunning complexity of single-celled organisms.

Louse Combs Louse Combs DownloadEntomologist Rich Pollack on his louse comb collection.

Gene Expression Gene Expression DownloadBiologist Peter Reddien on genes that differentiate stomachs from backs.

Electrical Universe Electrical Universe DownloadWalter Leuwin on electricity in physics.

Mating Ants Mating Ants DownloadBiologist Adam Lazarus struggles to get ants to mate in the laboratory.

Plankton Everywhere Plankton Everywhere DownloadOceanographer Erik Zettler finds plankton, plankton everywhere.