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Updates and announcements about APM’s work, both local and national. Includes press links, special events, and other activities that have been keeping us busy.

Goodbye 2021

Despite all challenges, 2021 marked Transom’s 20th anniversary, and over at the site you can find a year-end retrospective with links to just about everything we published this year – all from some of the best thinkers and makers in audio. Check it out, it’s a fine collection. Click here to find a wealth of[…..]

New HowSound: So You Want To Start A Podcast, Eh?

Usually, when HowSound host Rob Rosenthal talks with a producer it’s about a finished piece. Not this time! In a new episode, producer Nina Porzucki very generously shares a work in progress — her first-draft pilot for a podcast. Nina tells us how she got the idea from her head to the pilot stage, and[…..]

New Tools: 2021 Gift Guide

Transom Tools Editor Jeff Towne has done it again, assembling an expansive listing of Transom’s favorite gear for audio producers everywhere. It’s truly comprehensive and fun to read. There’s something here for everyone on your list… even if the only name on that list is yours! Click here to find a treasure trove of audio-related[…..]

New Starting Out: Issue 5

The fifth issue of Starting Out features a long, rich interview with Misha Euceph, founder of Dustlight Productions about her career path, and the experiences that led her to create the production home of her dreams. As always, lots of resources, job listings and other useful thought from Starting Out’s Alice Wilder. Click here for[…..]

New HowSound: Exquisitely Challenging

This week’s HowSound features a conversation with producer Erica Heilman about herstory “Finn and the Bell.” Host Rob Rosenthal says it’s the best story he’s heard all year. It’s a painful, gracefully told story, exploring the suicide of a young man in rural Vermont. Erica’s heart is in the piece, and you can hear that[…..]

New Ideas: What It Means To Be An AP

Freelance reporter and producer Eli Benton Cohen wasn’t born with the skills he now utilizes in the audio world, he developed them over time. In a new Transom post, he describes the path he trod to get work as an associate producer for Radiolab’s Mixtape series, what it felt like to learn on the job,[…..]

New HowSound: House of Pod Closes…

HowSound’s host Rob Rosenthal is a forever enthusiast for community radio; it’s the place he first dove into radio. His former student Cat Jaffee, and her team, have for four years put community first at their House of Pod, a local podcast hub in Denver. Sadly, they’ve lost their house, which is a loss for[…..]

New Show: The Lake

Some years ago, Aaron Smale (from New Zealand’s Ngāti Porou iwi), began investigating the Lake Alice Psychiatric Facility in New Zealand, where from 1972 to 1978, hundreds of children — disproportionately from Māori families — were sent. Many of these children suffered unimaginable and unchecked sexual, physical and psychological abuse. Now, more than 40 years[…..]

New Starting Out: Issue 4

Alice Wilder’s fourth issue of Starting Out features sage advice from this month’s guest, Anna Sale. Anna and Alice talk about internships and getting started where you are, even if you’re not living in a big city or other destination location! Click here for more.

New Ideas: Back to Windows

New at Transom, adventurous producer Sam Greenspan’s treatise on returning to Windows and the humble PC for audio production. Yikes! ironically it posted the same day the Washington Post published an article about Apple’s latest laptop rejiggering. Read everything! Think it over. You can find Sam’s thoughts right here.

New HowSound: The World Orchestra Is Always Playing

HowSound host Rob Rosenthal marks the passing of groundbreaking composer and sound ecologist R. Murray Schafer in a conversation with Schafer’s colleague and fellow composer, Hildegard Westerkamp. For a refreshing ear journey, which will give you a big ears approach to the world, click here. ~~~~~~ Produced in collaboration with the Public Radio Exchange, HowSound[…..]

New Manifesto: Notes on Muxture

In 2021, artist and producer James T. Green founded Molten Heart, a studio specializing in conceptual storytelling. Transom has just posted his reflection on scoring for story, and exploring ways that sound, environment, and emotion can better serve the story you want to tell. Click here for more.

New From Jay: Podcasting and Public Media

Timber is for and about the craft Jay Allison has explored for most of his life, in his work and through the creation of Transom, now in its 20th year, the world of audio. Transom was established to foster the values of public media and encourage work in the fine tradition of public radio’s mission.[…..]

New HowSound: From Memoir to Radio Story

Over at Transom, a new episode of HowSound features Transom Story Workshop Australian alum Ruby Schwartz. Host Rob Rosenthal gets the backstory on how Ruby pitched a story based on a memoir to Snap Judgment. They gave her the green light. And then she had to figure out how she was going to squeeze a[…..]

Recent Manifesto: There’s No Such Thing As A Podcast Emegency

Aggi Ashagre has worked in all kinds of audio settings, from NPR to Pineapple Street, and she is wise beyond her years. In her new manifesto over at Transom, she explores all the reasons sane problem-solving skills are a true gift to any production team. Click here for more on her useful approach to maintaining[…..]

New Tools: Mixing Tune Up

Some time back, independent producer Andrew Wardlaw wrote a Recording Kit Tune Up article for Transom, and now he’s back with an equally valuable companion piece. This time out, Andrew takes on mixing with tips on how to set up both your physical space and your head space so you can mix and think like[…..]

Recent Manifesto: Take a Closer Listen

Julie Shapiro, currently executive producer of PRX’s Radiotopia, has made a career out of listening. She has an ear for what’s good, for what we might be missing out there, and how it all connects. In a new manifesto for Transom, Julie thinks deeply about audio culture. And about the pleasures, pressures and patterns of[…..]

New HowSound: The Megan Tan Way

Megan Tan’s first appearance on HowSound was some time back when host Rob Rosenthal talked with her after she’d decided to end her very popular podcast Millennial. In a new HowSound, Rob catches up with Megan in a conversation about a very unusual and successful production choice she made producing a story about dating during[…..]

New Series: Starting Out, #2

The second issue of Transom’s new monthly feature, “Starting Out” is now available as a newsletter and a Transom post. Developed specifically for people entering the audio industry, by producer/reporter Alice Wilder, it’s got advice from experienced producers, entry-level job listings, and resources for building skills (this month: tips on writing cover letters). As a[…..]

Recent Tools: Updated Guide To Loudness

Loudness technology accounts for how people perceive sound, and since it was first introduced, streaming and broadcast platforms have put it to good use. in 2015, Transom published knowledgeable producer Rob Byers’ “The Audio Producer’s Guide to Loudness,” and he has kindly revisited and updated the post. Indispensable! Click here for more.