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New Starting Out: Issue 12

Transom is celebrating the first anniversary of Alice Wilder’s popular Starting Out newsletter, which is a helpful resource and a terrific addition to the world of audio. In this edition, a conversation with Code Switch host B.A. Parker, about jumping into audio from an entirely different field, and her identity as a “gentle host.”  […..]

New HowSound: Tips for Interviewing Shy People

  HowSound’s new episode features sisters talking about talking with sisters, though not the kind you’re related to. In a valuable conversation about helping shy or reluctant-to-speak interviewees open up, Erika Lantz and Elin Lantz Lesser talk about the many months they spent interviewing former nuns in Mother Teresa’s order for the series The Turning:[…..]

New Technique: The Art of the Radio Feature

  Australian producer Mike Ladd wrote this inspiring primer on the craft of audio storytelling for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation a few months ago, and Transom is pleased to be able to share it. Along with its brass-tacks, how-to suggestions and lots of audio links to sample, Mike champions a sensibility that’s getting harder to[…..]

New Show: Elegy in Water

A new SHOW on Transom is from poet, teacher, and musician B. J. Wilson. His lyric essay, created after the death of a friend, is a compelling read. In sharing the words in audio, they reach us in a way that insists we feel their intimate, raw power. Wilson also describes  his state of mind[…..]

New Tools: Spatial Audio

Transom welcomes back producer/sound designer extraordinaire Brendan Baker. In a new essay, Brendan dives deeply into the evolving word of spatial audio, delineating concepts, specifics, its best uses in radio and podcasting, and more. Click here for more.    

New HowSound: Nausea, Forehead Mics, and Immersion

Producer Andrew Leland’s recent story for Radiolab had challenge upon challenge. He was reporting on travel in space, specifically on how people with disabilities responded to zero gravity, and he went along for the test drives. Andrew dealt with the difficulties of nausea and recording in zero gravity.  Also, Andrew’s losing his vision. In a[…..]

New Starting Out: Issue 11

In the new issue of Starting Out, Alice Wilder talks with novelist, audio producer, podcast creator, and teacher Daniel Alarcón about the power of imagination ­­–– from re-envisioning your surroundings, to finding your professional path, to creating anew the audio industry. Click here for more.

New HowSound: Delicately Revealing Your Identity in the Story

This American Life producer Ben Calhoun was working on a story centering on racial issues, and struggling with including mention of his own mixed race heritage. In a new HowSound, Ben talks with host Rob Rosenthal about the way he wrestled with this delicate writing task. Click here for more.   ~~~~~~~~ Produced in collaboration[…..]

New Starting Out: Issue 10

The 10th issue of Starting Out, Alice Wilder’s monthly feature for audio industry newbies, is now on Transom. Alice’s interview with members of the union organizing committee that worked to create a union at Gimlet offers a good story and much useful thought on organizing workers in any field. Click here for so much more.[…..]

New Manifesto: Consider Your Ears

Robert Krulwich has been a beacon for so many of those in Transom’s sphere, an expander of our understanding of what radio can do and be as an artform, an inspiring creator and lover of what happens inside the ear. Although retired, in a new manifesto at Transom, he continues to explore the medium that[…..]

New HowSound: Share the Script

Every radio journalist knows the rule: don’t share scripts with sources. For more than twenty years, Laurel Morales obediently followed the rule. Laurel now produces the podcast 2 Lives and she’s left that rule behind. She explains why on a new episode of HowSound. Click here for more. ~~~~~~~~ Produced in collaboration with the Public[…..]

New Manifesto: A Soldier’s Heart

  Transom is featuring an intimate share from former soldier, current storyteller, Elliott Woods. At one time, he  served as an Army combat engineer in Iraq. Seven years later, working as a journalist, Woods embedded with a squad of 12 Marines in Afghanistan, one of whom didn’t survive. A decade passed, and he decided to[…..]

New HowSound: Who Am I To Be Here?

In the world of journalism, some stories are evergreen, and so are some questions. Fifteen years ago, when Andrea Silenzi was starting out, she reported a story about a woman dying of ALS. It was a difficult story to report and she regularly wondered “Who am I to be here?” Host Rob Rosenthal, revisits that[…..]

New Starting Out: Issue 9

The 9th episode of Starting Out, Alice Wilder’s monthly feature for newcomers to the world of audio, offers an insightf-filled interview with Rebeca Ibarra, the host and producer of Insider’s The Refresh. Click here for more.  

New HowSound: Producing YA Fiction

Producer Hillary Frank is a journalist, podcaster, and novelist. She’s called upon all of those talents in creating Here Lies Me, a fictional podcast that delves into the complications of life as a pre-teen in this country. HowSound host Rob Rosenthal deems it one of the best of last year. In this episode he talks[…..]

New Show: Mombinary

Over at Transom, when exciting new work comes in “over the transom” it is a pleasure to feature and share word of it. Recently Abby Wambaugh submitted her first produced audio work, a “thoughtscape,” as she describes it. Along with the piece, Transom features her excellent notes on the process she undertook to move words[…..]

New Manifesto: Riding Shotgun

        Over at Transom, a new manifesto from a longtime environment reporter takes us places many of us never visit. Reporter Ashley Ahearn’s passion for her work led her to pick up stakes and move from Seattle to a rural area to report more deeply on people who most directly interact with[…..]

New Starting Out: Issue 7

Alice Wilder’s monthly feature for people new to working in the audio industry, Starting Out, is back. Alice returns with great advice, job postings, and an interview with one of her mentors, Noel King. Currently host of Vox’s Today Explained, Noel King launched her career in an adventurous way and has learned much on the[…..]

New HowSound: Collaboration Is The Only Way Forward

The Kitchen Sisters are known and loved by public radio listeners young and old, and now celebrate a major achievement: the Library of Congress will acquire their entire archive of innovative audio work. On HowSound, Rob talks with Kitchen Sister Davia Nelson about their big news, and their collaboration with performance artist Laurie Anderson. Click[…..]

New Tools: Podcast Mixers

Transom’s Jeff Towne has kept an eye on a new wave in audio production — the use of podcast mixers. Although designed more for use in conventional conversation style shows, he finds they can be helpful to have on hand in other ways. In a new post, he reviews some of the latest and most[…..]