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  An opportunity-sharing new monthly feature has just launched at Transom: All Hear — The Everything List for Audio Opportunities. This comprehensive list of resources for audio professionals worldwide is the creation of British audio producer Talia Augustidis. Talia’s new monthly All Hear newsletter and Transom column, spotlighting specific listings and free access to her[…..]

The Transom crew is in its happy place, putting out a call for new work! Transom wants to help support your passion project — a small, random, one-off story or audio experiment that means a lot to you. And one that might not fit anywhere else. This call is for (ideally) finished pieces, but we’re[…..]

  Host Rob Rosenthal listens to A LOT of audio, and since podcasts proliferate, he’s wondering why there aren’t more people reviewing them. He’s stepping up now and then to do just that, and in a new Sound School post, has questions about a few, among them, All There Is With Anderson Cooper.  Click here[…..]

James Kim is a producer, a composer, and a writer of both fiction and nonfiction. In this issue, Alice talks with him about how to work in the fiction space as an independent producer and how to balance your passion project with your day job. Click here for more.

Jeremy Hobson’s been all about radio since he was a child, and he’s been toiling in NPR’s fields since his teen years. In his manifesto for Transom, he takes us inside his latest adventure: the creation of “The Middle with Jeremy Hobson” –– a four-episode pilot series focusing on our nation’s middle: geographically and politically.[…..]

Alice features an interview with Shima Oliaee, a reporter, producer, and anything else she wants to be force of nature. Shima not only talks about her new show Pink Card, she talks about her lane leaping professional trajectory, power dynamics, and building a great creative team. For all that, plus a backstage look at the[…..]

If anyone knows what great gear gifts are out there for you or your favorite audio producer, it’s our TOOLS guru Jeff Towne. Jeff’s curated 2022 gear list features tried and true, best-of recommendations and a host of exciting new items. Get ready, get set, go!

A new SHOW on Transom is from poet, teacher, and musician B. J. Wilson. His lyric essay, created after the death of a friend, is a compelling read. In sharing the words in audio, they reach us in a way that insists we feel their intimate, raw power. Wilson also describes  his state of mind[…..]

What does it take for a reporter than to turn the mic on themselves?  Stephanie Foo knows firsthand.  Her personal essay “The Favorite” illustrates one way. Click here for more. ~~~~~~~~~~ Produced in collaboration with PRX, The Sound School Podcast delves into the ins-and-outs of audio storytelling. The show features conversations about everything from interviewing and[…..]

Podcasting has changed the landscape for independent audio producers in some ways — providing income and steady work — but also stealing the time they might otherwise use to create work out of their hearts. In a new Transom manifesto, Wade Roush talks about how he joined with fellow indies to found Hub & Spoke[…..]

Complicated calculations are weighed when crafting the opening to a story, especially one leading into a multipart series. What’s the right amount of content to tantalize and invite without giving away the store. In a new Sound School podcast, host Rob Rosenthal dissects two examples, explaining why one works, and the other doesn’t. Click here[…..]

  Recording on location is not the usual approach to sound design, but it’s one John Scott Dryden embraces for the fiction podcasts he produces. For “Q&A,” the first season of Mumbai Crime from Radiotopia, everything was recorded in Mumbai, and in this episode of Sound School, John explains why. For more click here.  […..]

In a new Sound School, host Rob Rosenthal brings us to Slovenia, where he recently taught a week-long workshop for 10 reporters. Proof that getting out of your comfort zone is always worth doing. Click here for more.     ~~~~~~~~~~ Produced in collaboration with PRX, The Sound School Podcast delves into the ins-and-outs of[…..]

Over at Transom, TOOLS editor Jeff Towne is back with a thorough primer on recording in 32-bit float. Can this new tech spare you all audio headaches stemming from clipping, distortion, or simply poorly-recorded audio? Jeff sifts through the details in his tech guru way. Click here for a whole lot more.

It’s unusual for a story to be told by more than one narrator for all kinds of reasons. But Planet Money regularly uses two. Why is that? Erika Beras and Sarah Gonzalez, reporters for the show, know why, and they’re ready to tell you. Click here for more. ~~~~~~~~ Produced in collaboration with PRX, The[…..]

Over at Transom, multimedia artist Ariana Martinez is back with part 2 of her manifesto on Slowing. In her new piece, she shares thought experiments and creative practices, and offers inspiration and strategies to support creativity and artistic growth. Click here for more.

  In an episode from 2014, host Rob Rosenthal talks with editor Viki Merrick about her method of helping producer Will Coley reach emotional depths in his first-person documentary “Southern Flight 242: Bringing My Father Home.” A rare behind-the-scenes look into the delicate dance between an editor and a producer. Click here for more.  […..]

Transom is celebrating the first anniversary of Alice Wilder’s popular Starting Out newsletter, which is a helpful resource and a terrific addition to the world of audio. In this edition, a conversation with Code Switch host B.A. Parker, about jumping into audio from an entirely different field, and her identity as a “gentle host.”  […..]

  In the new issue of Starting Out, good friends Lindsey Weber and Bobby Finger talk about their long history of starting projects for fun, with no great expectations, staying true to that mission, and somehow managing to produce twice weekly episodes of their podcast, Who? Weekly, for the last seven years. While staying friends.[…..]

The third season of Starting Out just launched over at Transom, featuring a deep dive interview with Laura Mayer, creator of the podcast Shameless Acquisition Target. Laura has labored long in podcastland and brings back tips for working in the current podcasting industry: getting hired, building your career, and what it means (and doesn’t mean)[…..]