Arts & Ideas
Arts & Ideas
A weekly 4-hour “documentary DJ” program for non-mainstream radio documentary.


Jay Allison, host of Art's & Ideas
Jay Allison

About Arts & Ideas

Jay Allison hosts a weekly 4-hour “documentary DJ” program currently produced by Cole del Charco and Viki Merrick, as part of APM’s mission to preserve airtime for non-mainstream radio documentary. Each week, the program offers a lively, eclectic, always interesting compilation of good work from a range of producers; featuring long-form work you’re not likely to hear anywhere else.

Arts & Ideas was one of the inspirations for APM’s co-creation of the Public Radio Exchange.

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Radio Rookies

Radio Rookies
Jay Allison and the Radio Rookies at the WCAI studio in Woods Hole, MA.

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WCAI/NANRadio Rookies on Arts & Ideas
A featured hour from WNYC’s award winning “Radio Rookies” program. The Rookies visited the WCAI studios in Woods Hole, MA for a weekend of beach fun and radio. At the end of the weekend, the Rookies sat with Jay Allison to talk about their work on WCAI’s DJ documentary program, Arts & Ideas.

Memorial Day

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