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SUPPORT APMAtlantic Public Media (APM) is a non-profit, tax-exempt media arts organization based in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. We’re dedicated to nurturing new voices and shepherding new work, with the aim of creating more innovative public media programs and institutions.

Your support strengthens our outreach and training efforts, encourages the development of new work, and expands collaborative efforts with media, arts, education and science organizations.

If you’d like to help Atlantic Public Media, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution. We’re grateful for your donation in any amount, and some of our thank you gifts are listed below. We’d be happy to combine gifts or whatever works for you. Let us know.

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Life Stories

The Life Stories Collection

Anything you can give to support our work is deeply appreciated. For donations of certain amounts, we would like to thank you with a little gift.

* For gifts of $75, we’d like to send you our Atlantic Public Media poster (see below) featuring a photograph from our friend, Nubar Alexanian.

* For gifts of $100, we offer a / Atlantic Public Media T-Shirt with our fish on the back.

* For gifts of $300, we can send a sweatshirt and a Jay Allison Life Stories CD.

Photo: Nubar Alexanian

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To Contribute Online

One of the most familiar ways of paying online. If you don’t need any of the options above and already have a Paypal account, this is your quickest method.

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Please send a check or money order to:

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