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Portraits in Landscapes


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Portrait? Or Landscape? In documenting the natural world, our producers discover those old painterly distinctions don’t quite hold. The Kitchen Sisters explore a canyon, Jonathan Goldstein goes camping, and Elizabeth Arnold enters bear territory—places devoid of people—but when they point their microphones at the landscape, they find stories that seem a lot like... well, like portraits. And so in this hour we present stories about people—and the places that make them scared, and sad, and fighting mad.

The Great Bear Rainforest
British Columbia ~ Out in the Great Bear Rainforest, Elizabeth Arnold discovers that, though she may be ready for the Great and for the Rainforest, she is not so prepared for the Bear. Produced by Elizabeth Arnold.

Spooked in the Woods
Quebec, Canada ~ Armed only with a tent, a pack of hot dogs, and an eleven-year old, Jonathan Goldstein confronts his fear of the woods. Produced by Jonathan Goldstein.

Web Exclusives:
Read an interview w/ producer Jonathan Goldstein.

Cry Me a River
Pioneering river activist Mark DuBois. Photo: Don Briggs

Cry Me a River
Stanislaus River Canyon, California ~ A portrait of pioneering river activist Mark DuBois, who tried to save a river by chaining himself to a rock. Produced by The Kitchen Sisters and Martha Ham.

Web Exclusives:

  • More photos from this story in our Web Gallery.
  • Read an interview w/ The Kitchen Sisters, Davia Nelson & Nikki Silva.

    Web Links:

  • http://www.kitchensisters.org
  • http://www.glencanyon.org

    Escape Route
    Newfoundland, Canada ~ What is it like to be exiled from a landscape that you can see from your window? When his legs fail him, Chris Brookes finds out. Produced by Chris Brookes.

    Web Links:

    Bob’s Prairie
    Illinois ~ The story of one man’s prairie and his work to let it flourish long after he dies. Produced by Kelly McEvers.

    Web Links:

    Holding his Ground
    97-year-old rancher Attilio Genasci. Photo: Steve Fisch
    Holding his Ground
    California ~ Through every season, 97-year-old rancher Attilio Genasci tends to his cattle and his alpine valley. Produced by jesikah maria ross.

    This piece was made possible with support from the Saving the Sierra radio series – Voices of Conservation in Action. Funded in part by a grant from the California Council for Humanities California Stories Project.

    Web Exclusives:
    More photos from this story in our Web Gallery.

    Web Links:

  • http://www.savingthesierra.org
  • http://www.hcn.org/servlets/hcn.Article?article_id=17007 (Article about the project)

  • Production: Atlantic Public Media. Curated by Jay Allison and Emily Botein.
    Funding: Supported by The Nature Conservancy and Visa.

    The Nature ConservancyVisa

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