New HowSound: “Ghetto Life 101”- 25th Anniversary
(May 29, 2018)


This week Rob talks with two producers about Ghetto Life 101, a landmark radio piece that inspired a number of people to pick up microphones and become producers themselves.

Two teenage reporters, LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman, took their mics into their streets to report on the life of their community. It was a first.

Producer David Isay and editor Gary Covino look back a quarter of a century to the production of this special documentary, what it meant then and what it means now.

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Produced in collaboration with the Public Radio Exchange, HowSound delves into the ins-and-outs of radio storytelling in conversations about everything from fieldwork and recording techniques to narrative and ethics.

Each episode highlights the work of producers such as Alix Spiegel, Roman Mars, Joe Richman, Kelly McEvers, and Anna Sale. HowSound also features work from new producers, including students from the Transom Story Workshop.

Host Rob Rosenthal launched and directed the radio program at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies for eleven years. He’s an audio guy through and through, producing documentaries, features, multi-media, audio tours, sound art, podcasts, commercials, and public service announcements as a freelancer.

Since the fall of 2011, Rob has been the lead instructor of the Transom Story Workshop, teaching eight-week workshops twice a year in Woods Hole, as well as weeklong workshops around the country.