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TransomThe Transom Radio Specials, an occasional series, spring directly from, our experiment in channeling new work and voices to public radio through the internet, discussing that work, and encouraging more. The stories are personal, in some cases intense, from unusual and diverse sources; the kind of thing you don’t hear anywhere else. Transom Radio Specials exemplify’s mission of bringing not only new voices to public radio but also new ways of telling. They encourage the growth of slow radio, championing radio that is willing to take its time.

Our 2006 production, The Transom Radio Hour, a limited series of six hour-long programs on the art of making radio, had a practical and instructional tone, encouraging people to do it themselves. Each hour-long program focused on a theme, category or format, and offered “how tos” as well as thoughts on informed listening. The hours showcased the work of accomplished producers and work from some of the new voices featured on Transom.

… to “Experimenting with Sound” from the 2006 Transom Radio Hour.
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Here’s a review from PRX user Joseph Dougherty:

“Like a seventh grader trying to pump up a term paper, “The Transom Radio Hour – Experimenting With Sound” suggests it’s going to be a serious investigation into the potential of unconventional radio. Fortunately, education is quickly dropped in favor of inspiration in the form of interviews and samples of some of the esoteric and exciting media being created by people who have found in the affordable, hand-crafted world of audio a place to soar on a shoestring; a world where your friends are your production values. It may be preaching to the converted, but suppose this program hits one creative person looking for a new form of expression and tips them over the edge. How cool would that be? Engaging, entertaining, a great sampler.”

Our 2010 Transom Radio Special is a series of four hour-long programs made up of documentaries, portraits, and diaries. The series included work not usually heard on national broadcast outlets, and the voices of those we rarely hear from –– an oral historian explored a San Francisco neighborhood’s transition from a working class queer neighborhood to an upscale entertainment district; colleagues of renowned oral historian and radio host Studs Terkel offered a nuanced portrait of working with the man; the voices of mothers, siblings and a father, as well as child and adult adoptees sharing their stories throughout this journey inside the world of adoption; and, in two intimate diaries, a young former mugger describes a change in direction, and a young former woman describes a change in gender.

… to “Inside the Adoption Circle” from the 2010 Transom Radio Specials.
Listen to the whole series at PRX.



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