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In One Species at a Time host and scientist-reporter Ari Daniel Shapiro explores the diversity of life, talking with scientists both in their labs and out in the natural world. Hear surprising stories about nature from experts examining life forms everywhere, from yeast to the bowhead whale. Shapiro also shares tips on honing backyard observation skills, always issuing an invitation to participate by sharing your findings on line. The series is presented by the Encyclopedia of Life, and produced by Atlantic Public Media. Episodes in the series are carried by national programs like NPR’s Morning Edition, PRI’s The World and Living on Earth, and National Geographic Education has begun to feature One Species at a Time on its education website.

Google Earth Tours

As a part our ongoing collaboration with Encyclopedia of Life and a Google Outreach Developer Grant, APM has produced Google Earth tours for our series One Species At A Time: Stories of Bio-Diversity on the Move.

Enjoy them now on YouTube, or get the full interactive experience in Google Earth.


… to this One Species at a Time segment from June, 2011.


Series Collaborators: The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Harvard Museum of Natural History, and the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole.

Ari Daniel Shapiro

Ari Daniel Shapiro

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Delal a kar (December 5, 2013)

Palau, an island nation of 20,000 people in the western Pacific, is on a collision course with modernization. As a Western way of life takes hold in this archipelago, a modern ailment is taking hold with it. Christopher Kitalong has a foot in both worlds. He grew up in Palau and is getting a degree in ethnobotany in the U.S. He thinks a nondescript native tree may hold the answer to Palau’s e

Dolphins (November 12, 2013)

You have probably seen cans of tuna in your local supermarket marked “dolphin safe.” That label means the tuna was fished in a way that spares most dolphins from being killed in the tuna fleet’s giant nets. In this podcast, biologist and guest reporter Matt Leslie brings us a story about tuna, the intertwined fate of fisheries and dolphins, and the work of scientists. It’s a story that

Right Whale (October 28, 2013)

Hear how research unfolds at sea. Playing female whale calls into the water, researcher Susan Parks suddenly finds herself the center of attention of a group of male North Atlantic Right Whales. Will she be able to gather crucial data before a breaching whale crashes down on her boat?

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