The Sonic IDs

APM helps create the “Sonic IDs,” short portraits and stories that weave the broadcast day of WCAI with the voices, sounds and stories of our region. Below are just a few IDs we have featured to date.

Wigmaker Wigmaker

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadRichard Theodore on wig-making.

The Cape The Cape

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadErnie Johnston on what to do and where to go on Cape Cod.

Stripteasers Stripteasers

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadTom Shire on circus and striptease performers.

Mouse Heart Mouse Heart

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadAda Lineaweaver on dissecting mice.

Bowling Bowling

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadGenieve Wood on bowling.

A Guitar A Day A Guitar A Day

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadArlen Roth talks about playing guitar.

F15 F15

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadCol. Mike McGee on flying an F15 over the Cape.

Scalloper Scalloper

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadMatthew Silva on scalloping.

Tick Tick

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadAlex Crowley talks about his experience with a tick.

Etta Etta

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadChristian Lineaweaver talks about Etta.

Shark Bite Shark Bite

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadWayne Reese talks about his experience with a shark bite.

Garden Tour Garden Tour

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadDonald LaBlac talks about his garden.

Calming Calming

Julie Lipkin talks about her bees.

Sonic Podcast Ep 3 Sonic Podcast Ep 3

Another Sonic ID Podcast made up of 30 to 60 second stories. In this episode: a catwalker, a lying little girl, a man’s strong feelings about Sunday, and more!

Sonic Podcast Episode 2 Sonic Podcast Episode 2

Twelve stories all under 60 seconds.

Sonic ID Podcast Episode 1 Sonic ID Podcast Episode 1

Sonic IDs compiled into a ten minute podcast

B Flat B Flat

Glenway Fripp reveals a “sonic secret” from a corner of the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole.

Cello Cello

Cellist Chelsea Doohan of Woods Hole describes her relationship with her cello.

Chickens Chickens

Cynda Williams on a rare breed of chicken in her Achushnet poultry yard.

Fishcakes Fishcakes

Mary Jo Avellar, cookbook author from Provincetown, on fishcakes.