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Updates and announcements about APM’s work, both local and national. Includes press links, special events, and other activities that have been keeping us busy.

FactCheck_FEATURED-720x397 New Technique: Fact-check Yourself Before You Fact-wreck Yourself

The news is full of facts, and of late their accuracy and truth is more important than ever. We asked Christopher Swetala, one of This American Life’s fact-checkers, to turn away from his important duties for a short while. Just long enough to write an engaging and useful guide to a crucial task. He has[…..]

SharingSessions-FeaturedImage-720x396 New Tools: Sharing Sessions, Part 1- Organization

Transom is launching a new TOOLS series from our TOOLS guru Jeff Towne. SHARING SESSIONS will explore how best to smooth the process of sharing sessions between different producers collaborating on a project, and/or those submitting projects to program whose engineer will need to be able to tweak as necessary. In the first installment, Jeff[…..]

Jules Jenssen & his dad New Show: I Wish You Could Hear Me

Jules Jenssen submitted a draft of his first radio piece ever to Transom. It’s a piece made to help his father deal with the loss of a dear friend. Transom producer Viki Merrick liked what she heard and worked with Jules to tighten and polish it. That is exactly Transom’s mission: to help people tell[…..]

JohnBrother-720x396 New Feature: Life Is Not A Story – Lessons From Making A Personal Documentary

Producer John Fecile did not approach the making of his very personal documentary, “Blink Once For Yes,” lightly. It was a challenge from every angle. His terminally ill brother had wanted to die. The family had to decide what to do. John felt compelled to make a story about the experience. Not easy. “Blink Once[…..]

TTW2017-720x395 Traveling Workshops Summer 2017

We’re hitting the road again this summer! Lead instructor Rob Rosenthal will be packing up his headphones and gear and heading out to five locations across the country where local partners will host our week-long Traveling Workshop. These workshops are geared toward beginners and at each location, Rob will be assisted by a teaching assistant.[…..]