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Updates and announcements about APM’s work, both local and national. Includes press links, special events, and other activities that have been keeping us busy.

New Manifesto: David Green

David Green is a long-time third grade teacher at a school near Chicago. He’s always loved audio, and for the past 15 years has made audio pieces with the eight and nine year-olds in his classroom. In his Transom manifesto, David shares what he’s learned about making radio with kids. He describes the types of[…..]

New Transom Special: Borders Between Us

Saidu Tejan-Thomas is a young poet, an alumnus of the Transom Story Workshop, who came to Jay Allison with a deeply personal story he wanted to share. More than a story, it’s an homage and apology to his mother. Poignant for it’s depth and honesty, and insight into the stresses and perils of immigration, in[…..]

New Shows: Story Workshop Fall 2019 Pieces

This is what radio producers look like when they’ve finished their pieces! This group recently graduated from the Transom Story Workshop and Transom is proud to feature their work. Their stories are about everything from a 350-mile pigeon race to one man’s attempt to keep a precious pipe organ alive in an abandoned church. We[…..]

New Show: Not In The Cards

Producers often have at least the outline of what they expect their story to be about when they first interview someone. Producer Vivien Schütz usually does: “What is the plot? What are the stakes? What is the bigger picture?” But not always. In a piece of hers now on Transom, she says, “I didn’t even[…..]

New Manifesto: Tim Howard

In his new manifesto, So Much Good Trouble, Reply All’s Executive Producer Tim Howard walks us through two of his favorite stories, stories where things went way wrong before they went way right. He suggests that sometimes, when your plans go awry, blessings can abound. You just need to pay attention to your senses and[…..]

New Techniques: See It On The Radio

Over the course of her decades-long career, the indefatigable Susan Stamberg has won all kinds of awards and done everything from being the first woman to anchor a national nightly news program (hosting NPR’s All Things Considered for fourteen years) to moderating three Mr. Rogers tv specials for adults. Over at Transom, she’s taken time[…..]

New Show: The Disquiet of Appetite

This new SHOW on Transom is an unconventional story by a new producer about living with an eating disorder. Maggie Weiler struggled with her choice to focus on her own struggles when approaching what began as a final project for a college class. It’s an uncomfortable subject and all the more so when tackled from[…..]

New Manifesto: Maribah Knight

“Embedded reporting” takes on new contours in an excellent new manifesto over at Transom. Meribah Knight’s been reporting in Nashville for some years now and, in so doing, has found her happy place. In her manifesto, Maribah shares practical wisdom on, and her love of, being embedded. Not in a war zone, but instead in[…..]

New Technique: Adrenaline vs. Nuance

As a child, former Transom Story Workshop student Catarina Martins dreamt of being a foreign correspondent. Following the workshop, she dove in, heading to Athens from her home in Portugal to report on the uproar brewing after former Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called for a referendum on additional austerity demands from the European Union.[…..]

New Ideas: Scaffolding; Starting Small

Over at Transom, Sruthi Pinnamaneni of Gimlet’s Reply All shares her theory about building radio skills that she calls, “Scaffolding.” She walks us through it, providing a useful framework for beginning producers, but also elaborates with smart tricks that more practiced veterans might want to borrow. Click here for more.

New Ideas: Subverting The Inverted Pyramid…

…And Other Tips For Making Audio At A Newspaper When Transom Story Workshop alum Martine Powers arrived to study audio storytelling, she’d been working as a newspaper reporter for a number of years. Frustrated by her inability to communicate the nuance and power of her interviewees’ actual voices when translated to print, she decided to[…..]

New Ideas: How Radio Made Me A Better Animator

One of the great rewards we reap from having a pool of Transom Story Workshop alumni is access to their thinking. When animator Kolin Pope applied a few years ago, he wanted to learn storytelling skills to improve his animation work, and that he has done, currently producing animations for The Washington Post. In his[…..]

Ideas: Bill McKibben

Journalist, author, advocate Bill McKibben started writing early, churning out columns throughout his college years and he’s still going strong. Bill took time to share some thoughts about truth, accuracy, advocacy and credibility in journalism in a new Transom Manifesto, In Defense of Honesty (Even When It’s Uncomfortable). He offers valuable guidance for reporting during[…..]

New Commentary: A Tribute to the Small, Rural Station

When Zach Hirsch graduated from the Transom Story Workshop in 2013, he envisioned moving from gig to gig in the radio/podcast world, but then it just so happened that he fell in love with the first place he landed. And there he remained, for five whole years. Over at Transom, Zach shares stories about that[…..]

New Show: The Tree

Musician Cariad Harmon began paying attention to radio stories about ten years ago, and after years of listening, wanted to start making her own radio stories. She recently attended a Traveling Workshop in Nashville. Transom occasionally features student work from the traveling workshops and her piece is one we wanted to feature. Cariad focused on[…..]

New Ideas: Thoughts On Translation – Mishy Harman

Sippur Israeli is an Israeli show similar to This American Life, with stories mostly told in Hebrew and translated English. Host and co-founder Mishy Harman contributes to our Thoughts On Translation series with practical and nuanced lessons learned while producing Sippur Israeli. Mishy writes, “If we approach translation merely as an attempt to convey words[…..]

New Show: Story Workshop Fall 2018: Pieces

The 15th Transom Story Workshop recently ended and nine new aspiring producers have been launched into the world. They’ve left behind stories on everything from deep sea creatures, to a judicial court run entirely by young people, to a retired couple who walked around the entire perimeter of Cape Cod, and more. And don’t forget[…..]

New Manifesto: Latif Nasser

Beginning producers struggle first with recognizing a story, and then with finding one! Not Latif Nasser. He’s the Director of Research for WNYC’s Radiolab, and has been generous enough to share a boatload of information about his own approach. It will change your story-finding life! Click here to bask in his wisdom.

New Techniques: Losing Control in an Interview

There’s more than one way to conduct an interview, depending on what you’re after and who you’re talking with. Erica Heilman lives in central Vermont and produces the podcast Rumble Strip, where, she says “you’ll hear from artists and criminals, taxidermists and soccer moms, lawyers and waitresses . . . to find out what they[…..]

New Manifesto: Zoe Chace

This American Life producer Zoe Chace has written a timely manifesto for Transom, and Jay Allison’s introduction nicely sums it up, so we’ll lure you over to her highly useful thoughts with his words: In her reporting, This American Life’s Zoe Chace has a combination of friendliness and fierceness. She’s a dogged questioner, but also[…..]