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Updates and announcements about APM’s work, both local and national. Includes press links, special events, and other activities that have been keeping us busy.

HS_200_FEATURED-720x396 New HowSound: Nuggets

HowSound’s Rob Rosenthal is all ears, listening for pieces to feature, producers to interview. But, he says, “Sometimes, the good stories I discover pile up and I don’t have enough time to interview all the producers I’d like to.” When the pile gets high enough, he likes to draw attention to some of the pieces[…..]

KP_FEATURED-720x396 New Manifesto: How Radio Made Me A Better Animator

One of the great rewards we reap from having a pool of Transom Story Workshop alumni is access to their thinking. When animator Kolin Pope applied a few years ago, he wanted to learn storytelling skills to improve his animation work, and that he has done, currently producing animations for The Washington Post. In his[…..]

BMcKibben_FEATURED-720x396 Manifesto: Bill McKibben

Journalist, author, advocate Bill McKibben started writing early, churning out columns throughout his college years and he’s still going strong. Bill took time to share some thoughts about truth, accuracy, advocacy and credibility in journalism in a new Transom Manifesto, In Defense of Honesty (Even When It’s Uncomfortable). He offers valuable guidance for reporting during[…..]

ZachHirsch_FEATURED--720x396 New Commentary: A Tribute to the Small, Rural Station

When Zach Hirsch graduated from the Transom Story Workshop in 2013, he envisioned moving from gig to gig in the radio/podcast world, but then it just so happened that he fell in love with the first place he landed. And there he remained, for five whole years. Over at Transom, Zach shares stories about that[…..]

Cariad_FEATURED-720x397 New Show: The Tree

Musician Cariad Harmon began paying attention to radio stories about ten years ago, and after years of listening, wanted to start making her own radio stories. She recently attended a Traveling Workshop in Nashville. Transom occasionally features student work from the traveling workshops and her piece is one we wanted to feature. Cariad focused on[…..]