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HS203_FEATURED_PS-720x396 New HowSound: Some Fav And Not-So-Fav Sounds

HowSound host Rob Rosenthal listens to a lot of podcasts, and sometimes he finds himself gritting his teeth. That’s got nothing to do with the content; it’s the promos and sponsorship spots landing like thuds that get to him. In this episode, Rob talks about insensitive spot placement, and also links to clips of work[…..]

Sruthi_BIO-550x550 New Ideas-Scaffolding; Starting Small

Over at Transom, Sruthi Pinnamaneni of Gimlet’s Reply All shares her theory about building radio skills that she calls, “Scaffolding.” She walks us through it, providing a useful framework for beginning producers, but also elaborates with smart tricks that more practiced veterans might want to borrow. Click here for more.

MartineFEATURED-720x397 New Ideas: Subverting The Inverted Pyramid…

…And Other Tips For Making Audio At A Newspaper When Transom Story Workshop alum Martine Powers arrived to study audio storytelling, she’d been working as a newspaper reporter for a number of years. Frustrated by her inability to communicate the nuance and power of her interviewees’ actual voices when translated to print, she decided to[…..]

KP_FEATURED-720x396 New Ideas: How Radio Made Me A Better Animator

One of the great rewards we reap from having a pool of Transom Story Workshop alumni is access to their thinking. When animator Kolin Pope applied a few years ago, he wanted to learn storytelling skills to improve his animation work, and that he has done, currently producing animations for The Washington Post. In his[…..]

BMcKibben_FEATURED-720x396 Ideas: Bill McKibben

Journalist, author, advocate Bill McKibben started writing early, churning out columns throughout his college years and he’s still going strong. Bill took time to share some thoughts about truth, accuracy, advocacy and credibility in journalism in a new Transom Manifesto, In Defense of Honesty (Even When It’s Uncomfortable). He offers valuable guidance for reporting during[…..]