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Updates and announcements about APM’s work, both local and national. Includes press links, special events, and other activities that have been keeping us busy.

Endings_FEATURED-720x396 New HowSound: Story Endings

Why do humans long for a story to have a happy ending? Rob has a theory, which he shares on this edition of HowSound. But he does more. Recently, he was surprised by an NPR story that Morning Edition host Rachel Martin did about the drug crisis. The story did not have a happy ending.[…..]

JonathanMitchell_FEATURED2-720x396 (1) New Sound Design: Jonathan Mitchell

Transom’s new series on Sound Design is from Jonathan Mitchell, the creator and producer of Radiotopia’s podcast, The Truth. Jonathan says, “I think everyone involved in audio production should think of him or herself as a sound designer. Good sound design is not decorative, and it’s not afterthought; it exists as an integral element of[…..]

Bianca-BIO-500x500 New Show: Two Years With Franz

Bianca Giaever spent two years listening to 46 tapes recorded by the Pulitzer-winning poet Franz Wright before his death. Think about that for just two minutes. Then she started talking to Jay Allison about what to do with them. Then she came to Woods Hole and she and Jay worked together to make something of[…..]

MixPre-10T-1-720x396 New Tools: Sound Devices MixPre User’s Guide

Last year our Tools guru, Jeff Towne, waxed enthusiastic about the release of new Sound Devices recorders, the MixPre3 and the MixPre6. Strong sound quality, relatively low cost, and flexibility all figured into his positive review. Since then, more MixPre models have been added. In this post,Jeff gives us a tour of the new MixPre10T and MixPre10M. Details[…..]

MHP_FEATURED-720x396 New Techniques: Sound Design

Over at Transom, we’re starting a new series on Sound Design because it’s time! With new digital tools available and a podcast boom underway, the field of sound design is thriving. Our first contributor is Mark Henry Phillips whose work on Homecoming, Serial, Radiolab, and more, speaks for itself. At Transom, he shares details about[…..]