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Visual-Medium_FEATURED-720x396 New HowSound: Radio Is A Visual Medium

People often talk about the visual power of audio. In this week’s episode of HowSound, Rob Rosenthal invites us to listen to a piece with that very idea in mind. After the Storm is a piece by recent Transom Story Workshop graduate Aviva DeKornfeld. She focused on two hurricane survivors, sisters, and the challenges they[…..]

LWM_Featured-720x396 New Show: Living With Murder

APM is proud to share news of a new Transom feature. We’ll let the first portion of the editor’s letter serve to introduce Living With Murder from Transom’s Managing Editor Samantha Broun, produced with Executive Director Jay Allison. Ed Letter: This past year, we at Transom have been fortunate to work with the new investigative[…..]

AndyMills_BIO-590x590 Lessons Learned While Making A (The) Daily

Jay Allison’s introduction to producer Andy Mills’ new manifesto is the perfect enticement to further explore this excellent Transom post. “Andy Mills has shared his work on Transom before, but that was when he had more time. Recently he transformed from a producer with weeks or months to produce a story–to a producer with a[…..]

WritingForRadio_FEATURED-720x396 New Ideas: Escribir mejor para radio

Since last year, Atlantic Public Media and Transom have been working with Radio Ambulante to feature Spanish translations of Transom resources for use in Radio Ambulante’s audio training work. Our newest addition is a translation of This American Life producer Nancy Updike’s indispensable manifesto, Better Writing Through Radio, first published in 2006. It’s filled with[…..]

EleanorMcDowall_FEATURED1-720x397 New Ideas: Thoughts On Translation

Eleanor McDowall has been working in audio for years, and is currently a senior producer at Falling Tree Productions. Last year, she embarked on a new side project — Radio Atlas, an online platform and podcast that transforms innovative audio documentaries into subtitled films. Eleanor has spent a lot of time thinking about the nuances[…..]