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Updates and announcements about APM’s work, both local and national. Includes press links, special events, and other activities that have been keeping us busy.

TSW-SP-2018_listening-720x396 Transom Story Workshop Public Listening Event 5/24

The Spring 2018 Transom Story Workshop culminates in a free, open-to-the-public listening event and brief graduation ceremony, May 24, 7 pm at the Community Hall, 68 Water Street, in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Application deadline for the Fall 2018 workshop is June 1, 2018. To learn more about the workshop application, click here.

Chenjerai_FEATURED-720x396 New HowSound: Finding Chenjerai The Storyteller

When you talk to a person, you adjust your delivery to the person you’re speaking with. But what happens when you’re on the radio, talking to people you can’t see? Chenjerai Kumanyika, the host of the Peabody Award-winning podcast Uncivil, had to find a “voice” for narrating the podcast. It isn’t the first time he’s faced[…..]

MixPre-10T-1-720x396 New Tools: Sound Devices MixPre User’s Guide

Last year our Tools guru, Jeff Towne, waxed enthusiastic about the release of new Sound Devices recorders, the MixPre3 and the MixPre6. Strong sound quality, relatively low cost, and flexibility all figured into his positive review. Since then, more MixPre models have been added. In this post,Jeff gives us a tour of the new MixPre10T and MixPre10M. Details[…..]

MHP_FEATURED-720x396 New Techniques: Sound Design

Over at Transom, we’re starting a new series on Sound Design because it’s time! With new digital tools available and a podcast boom underway, the field of sound design is thriving. Our first contributor is Mark Henry Phillips whose work on Homecoming, Serial, Radiolab, and more, speaks for itself. At Transom, he shares details about[…..]

LavalierTitle-720x396 New Tools: Lavalier Microphones

To lavalier or not to lavalier is a big question. Transom’s Tools guy, Jeff Towne, has always felt it best to lean toward the side of not using lavaliers . . . ever. But he is not one to keep his head in the sand, so he’s decided it’s time to explore the world of[…..]