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HS213_FEATURED-720x397 New HowSound: Scoring Stories: Part 2

Long-time instructor Rob Rosenthal knows just how tempting it is for producers, especially beginning ones, to want to add music to heighten the power of a story. But, it takes time to get a feel for how and when to do that. In this week’s HowSound, Rob offers the second of two episodes on using[…..]

TimHoward_BIO-550x550 New Manifesto: Tim Howard

In his new manifesto, So Much Good Trouble, Reply All’s Executive Producer Tim Howard walks us through two of his favorite stories, stories where things went way wrong before they went way right. He suggests that sometimes, when your plans go awry, blessings can abound. You just need to pay attention to your senses and[…..]

SusanStamberg_BIO-550x548 New Techniques: See It On The Radio

Over the course of her decades-long career, the indefatigable Susan Stamberg has won all kinds of awards and done everything from being the first woman to anchor a national nightly news program (hosting NPR’s All Things Considered for fourteen years) to moderating three Mr. Rogers tv specials for adults. Over at Transom, she’s taken time[…..]

MaggieWeiler_BIO-550x550 New Show: The Disquiet of Appetite

This new SHOW on Transom is an unconventional story by a new producer about living with an eating disorder. Maggie Weiler struggled with her choice to focus on her own struggles when approaching what began as a final project for a college class. It’s an uncomfortable subject and all the more so when tackled from[…..]

MeribahKnight_BIO-700x700 New Manifesto: Maribah Knight

“Embedded reporting” takes on new contours in an excellent new manifesto over at Transom. Meribah Knight’s been reporting in Nashville for some years now and, in so doing, has found her happy place. In her manifesto, Maribah shares practical wisdom on, and her love of, being embedded. Not in a war zone, but instead in[…..]