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Updates and announcements about APM’s work, both local and national. Includes press links, special events, and other activities that have been keeping us busy.

New HowSound: When Anthropology Meets Audio Storytelling

Influences on audio storytelling are widespread and also depend on what a radio producer personally brings to their work. This week, host Rob Rosenthal features a piece by producer Nanna Hauge Kristensen, a Dutch anthropologist whose first concern is surprisingly not always story. For more click here: ~~~~~~~~ Produced in collaboration with the Public Radio[…..]

New Tools: Riverside & Talk Synch

Early in the pandemic, Jeff Towne quickly pulled together a post outlining best practices for recording people safely. He also reviewed several remote recording platforms, sharing the pros and cons, and giving producers easy access to ways to cope in this new reality. The pandemic is abating, but given the convenience and geographical range remote[…..]

New Manifesto: Anna Sale

In the podcast Death, Sex & Money, Anna Sale uses her interviewing skills to ask tough questions with sensitivity and strength. She puts a great deal of thought into preparing interview questions and into establishing a relationship with the interviewee. Sale understands the artistry involved in connecting deeply, sharing insights and guidance in her new[…..]

New Show: The Long Lonely Lake

Transom is featuring a new show from Colorado Public Radio reporter Dan Boyce, who has dealt with bouts of severe depression his entire adult life. One bout led to a mental breakdown from which Boyce struggled to recover. With co-producer Bishop Sand, he created a personal and impactful feature about his recovery, and they discuss[…..]

New Tools: Spanish Translation, Podcasting Basics 5

Transom has completed its Spanish translation of a series on Podcasting Basics, newly posting the fifth and final article. The series covers everything from recording gear to distribution. In Part Five, NPR Production Specialist Rob Byers looks at the differences in loudness when mixing for podcasts vs. radio. He explains how to achieve both standards[…..]

Recent Manifesto: This Story Changed My Life

Filmmaker and audio producer Josh Baker is no stranger to high-risk reporting — it’s pretty much his regular beat. In a new Transom Manifesto, he describes his work process for the making of his I’m Not A Monster podcast, a series that follows an American mother and her son’s journey to ISIS and back. You’ll[…..]

Recent Manifesto: Alice Wilder

In early February, Jay Allison noticed Alice Wilder’s Twitter thread offering up a Google doc she’d developed about trauma informed interviewing techniques. Impressed, he asked her to turn that Google doc into a Transom Manifesto. Transom has now posted her guide, which shares personal experience, supplemented by professional insights from therapists, social workers, educators and[…..]

New Ideas: Bethel Habte

Leaders in industries across the country are being asked to reflect on the level of diversity that exists in their workplace and public media is no exception. Especially in a field where asking questions come with the job, heads of departments are being urged to seriously reflect on hiring policies and workplace conditions and culture.[…..]

New Techniques: Reporting in Dangerous Situations

Following up on a recent HowSound episode, Casey Martin from Seattle’s KUOW details how he prepares to report when the situation could be dangerous: what gear to bring, how to deal with law enforcement, and how to stay safe — both physically and emotionally. If you cover events where there is a potential for violence,[…..]

New Show: Hexagon Heart

Transom is pleased to feature Hexagon Heart, a piece by Marjorie Van Halteren, one of Transom founder Jay Allison’s earliest audio colleagues. Marjorie’s recounting of her journey from America to France, from marriage to other affaires of the heart, from artistic baby steps to work that masterfully blends sound art, poetry, music, and theatre. Click[…..]

Recent Techniques: Going Narrative

How can you tell great stories when you can’t be on scene, or the events have already happened, or you have no budget? Karen Given, Executive Producer and Host of WBUR and NPR’s Only A Game, which ended its 27-year run last September, has some answers. Given the strictures of life in Covid times, Karen’s[…..]

Recent Show: FRAN

Lydia Keating describes FRAN as “True Detective meets Dirty Dancing meets Ozark.” But what is FRAN? It is, in fact, Keating’s unconventional and engaging pilot for a longform digital storytelling project. We love audio, but we also love comedy and drama, and FRAN delivers both. Click here to see the video and read her thoughts[…..]

Good News: “Our Show” – The Atlantic’s Best Podcast

As this difficult year draws to an end, we have the happy opportunity to share celebratory words from Executive Director Jay Allison: We’re so pleased to note that Erica Heilman’s Our Show was recognized as the #1 Best Podcast of 2020 by The Atlantic. This was among some super-worthy contenders. Here’s the list: The[…..]

New Tools: Shure MV7

Over at Transom. TOOLS guy Jeff Towne puts Shure’s newest mic, the MV7, through its paces. The MV7 is a smaller, less-expensive mic than most other Shure mics, and has both XLR and USB connection. Jeff says a few key features, like both XLR and USB connection, and decent sound, make it worth a look.[…..]

New Show: Everybody’s Home

This Thanksgiving, Transom is featuring work from our old friend and contributor David Greenberger and his friend Tyson Rogers. Here’s Jay Allison talking about this special show: “We have a remarkable series for you this holiday. It’s warm, strange, unsettling, beautiful. It’s a marriage of music and voice, of thought and feeling, built during and[…..]

Recent Tools: Gear Guide for a Lockdown

Transom’s TOOLS expert Jeff Towne has put together a special holiday gift guide, re-tooled for 2020, filled with suggestions for gear and tech for producing (with the pandemic in mind). If you’re looking to gift an audio producer, or yourself, here’s where to go. Click here to see this extensive gift guide.

Recent Show: Story Mentorship Fall 2020 – Pieces

Transom is happy to share the new work of six talented producers who, for the past many weeks participated in the first-ever Transom Story Mentorship, an online professional development workshop for experienced audio makers. Despite the complications of Covid, full-time jobs, and family needs, they managed to produce some fine stories. Click here to hear[…..]

New Manifesto: Stephanie Foo, 2020

Five years ago, we asked producer Stephanie Foo to write a Manifesto about diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies for the public media industry. This year, we asked her to have another look at the industry and its support for people of color. Frankly, it’s not a pretty picture. Way past time for major change. Read,[…..]

Recent Show: Move It Forward

Transom is pleased and proud to feature a podcast whose origin story goes back to a Transom Radio Special, “Living with Murder” that Samantha Broun and Jay Allison produced with PBS Frontline. After its subject, Kempis “Ghani” Songster, was released from prison, we gave him a recorder and mic, sensing he would find a use[…..]

New Tools: RØDECaster Pro

Transom’s TOOLS guru Jeff Towne is back with another in-depth review of a new piece of equipment, this time it’s the RØDECaster, a sort of Swiss Army knife of a recorder. As Jeff puts it, “The true appeal of the RØDECaster is in its versatility.” This little workhorse is a multi-track recorder, a mixer, a[…..]