Local Food Report Podcast

The Local Food Report, with Elspeth Hay, is constantly exploring the Cape, Islands, the south Coast and all our farmer’s markets to find out what’s good, what’s growing, and what to do with it.

IMG_3301 In Wellfleet, Kefir Grains Make Delicious Fermented Drink

Kefir is the Russian word for a sour-tasting drink made with cow’s milk. It’s often confused with yogurt. This week on the Local Food Report, Elspeth Hay talks with a woman in Wellfleet making her own kefir and learns how the beverage is different from other fermented dairy products.

You can find a recipe for kefir with how-to steps and photos from Helen Miranda Wilson on Elspeth’s blog, Diary of a Locavore.

07.23.09_Page_2 Cape Cod Beer Makers Walk Us Through the Brewing Process

Beer relies on four ingredients: malt, water, hops, and yeast. But as evidenced by the number of beers and breweries around the globe, there are infinite ways to combine these ingredients for a tasty beverage. This week on the Local Food Report, Elspeth Hay talks with Todd Marcus of Cape Cod Beer about how he makes beer from start to finish.

You can find a list of Massachusetts brewers on the Massachusetts Brews Guild website. And there’s a nice article on pairing beer with food from an old NYT article by Mark Bittman.

This piece is a rebroadcast. It originally aired on July 21, 2009.

IMG_1919 Learn to Make Sauerkraut and Reap the Health Benefits

Sauerkraut has a long history. Like other preserved foods, it was once an important source of nutrients during the long, cold winter months. This week on the Local Food Report, Elspeth Hay continues her focus on fermented foods and talks with a Wellfleet woman about her recipe for fermented cabbage. You can learn more about the sauerkraut and find Helen Miranda Wilson’s recipe for the dish on Elspeth’s blog, Diary of a Locavore. " target="_blank">

IMG_2065 Homemade Kimchi is Tasty and Good for Digestion

Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish made by fermenting vegetables. This week on the Local Food Report, Elspeth talks with Holly North of Woods Hole about how she got hooked on kimchi and how she makes it. Holly walks Elspeth through the process of putting together a quick cucumber kimchi and talks about the flavors involved in a perfect dish—everything from garlic to chiles to seafood.

You can find Holly North’s recipe for Hot & Spicy Cucumber Kimchi on Elspeth’s blog, Diary of a Locavore, where you can also find links to learn more about the digestive benefits of lacto-fermented foods and the history of kimchi.