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(L-R) Executive Director Jay Allison w/ producers Samantha Broun and Sydney Lewis

Executive Director: Jay Allison
Jay Allison has been an independent public radio producer, journalist, and teacher since the 1970s. His work has won most of the major broadcasting awards, including six Peabodys. He produces The Moth Radio Hour and was the curator of This I Believe on NPR. He has also worked in print for the New York Times Magazine and as a solo-crew reporter for ABC News Nightline, and is a longtime proponent of building community through story. Through his non-profit organization, Atlantic Public Media, he is a founder of The Public Radio Exchange,, and WCAI, the public radio service for Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. More about Jay, more than you’d reasonably need to know, is available at

Associate Director: Viki Merrick
Viki is an independent radio producer and editor. She began as a radio stringer for ABC News in Rome, Italy, while working as a location/production manager for film documentaries. Since the founding of Atlantic Public Media in 1995, she has been producing essays and features for national broadcast on NPR and for the Cape and Island public radio stations. Viki is an editor for Transom, and a collaborator on four Peabody Award-winning series, Lost & Found Sound and The Sonic Memorial Project, and The Moth Radio Hour. She was the Senior Editor on the NPR series This I Believe and currently produces The Moth Radio Hour with Jay Allison.

Web Director: Josh Barlow
Joshua came to us from National Public Radio Online, where he produced for both news and cultural Web sites. Projects he helped create and produce include Changing Face of America, Election 2000, MLK Celebration 2001, and Lost & Found Sound, which won the 2000 Webby Award in the radio category. He served as NPR’s photo journalist for their coverage of Election 2000. In addition to his work for the Web and public broadcasting, Joshua has served the U.S. State Department in Croatia as a monitor for their 2000 presidential election, and is a freelance composer, who has written for dance, theater, film and, most recently, the Department of Homeland Security.

Producer: Samantha Broun
Samantha Broun is a latecomer to radio. For 15+ years, she worked with and around youth in urban schools and mentoring programs. In the fall of 2005, realizing she couldn’t fight the pull any longer, she attended the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, Maine where she learned everything radio. She now happily lives in Woods Hole, MA and works with Atlantic Public Media.

Finance Director/Editor: Sydney Lewis
Sydney is the author of three oral histories, published by The New Press, and for close to thirty years assisted oral history maestro Studs Terkel. She co-authored his memoir Touch and Go. In 2001, Sydney moved to Southeastern, Massachusetts and has been working with Atlantic Public Media ever since.

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Producer Samantha Broun, Associate Director Viki Merrick, Editor Sydney Lewis and Salty

Producer Samantha Broun, Associate Director Viki Merrick, Editor Sydney Lewis and Salty


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