New Tools: RØDECaster Pro

Transom’s TOOLS guru Jeff Towne is back with another in-depth review of a new piece of equipment, this time it’s the RØDECaster, a sort of Swiss Army knife of a recorder. As Jeff puts it, “The true appeal of the RØDECaster is in its versatility.” This little workhorse is a multi-track recorder, a mixer, a[…..]

Recent Manifesto: Lewis Raven Wallace

Who gets to tell stories and how should those stories be told? It’s a big question, and in a new Transom Manifesto, Lewis Raven Wallace shares his thoughts on the line between journalism and advocacy and why he can’t fully separate the two. Lewis once worked at Marketplace, but a personal blog post upset his[…..]

New Show: It’s Alright

Over at Transom, we’re very pleased to present Phoebe McIndoe’s “It’s Alright,” which appeared, out of the blue, via Transom’s submissions page. We love stories like this, raw and honest, and deeply personal. Give it a listen, make a comment, make a piece yourself! Click here to hear Phoebe’s piece.