Glowing Squid Glowing Squid

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadOceanographer Charles Lea on the iridescent spots decorating the squid.

Whale Courtship Whale Courtship

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadEcologist Susan Parks studies right whales’ communication and courtship rituals.

Ant Home Ant Home

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadBiologists Adam Lazarus and Adam Kauppinen break into ants’ homes.

Human Oceans Human Oceans

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadOceanographer Dave Gallo describes how humans everywhere impact and are affected by the oceans.

Single Cells Single Cells

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadMicrobiologist David Patterson on the stunning complexity of single-celled organisms.

Louse Combs Louse Combs

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadEntomologist Rich Pollack on his louse comb collection.

Gene Expression Gene Expression

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadBiologist Peter Reddien on genes that differentiate stomachs from backs.

Electrical Universe Electrical Universe

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadWalter Leuwin on electricity in physics.

Mating Ants Mating Ants

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadBiologist Adam Lazarus struggles to get ants to mate in the laboratory.

Plankton Everywhere Plankton Everywhere

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadOceanographer Erik Zettler finds plankton, plankton everywhere.

Chemical Defenses Chemical Defenses

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadMarine chemist Chris Reddy on invertebrates’ advanced chemical defenses.

Poison Chompers Poison Chompers

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadOceanographer Dave Gallo on poison-eating microbes living on the ocean floor.

Alvin Submarine Alvin Submarine

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadEngineer Sheri White describes working at the bottom of the ocean in a submarine.

Neural Addiction Neural Addiction

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadNeuroscientist Julie Kauer studies addiction at the cellular level.

Mouse Camouflage Mouse Camouflage

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadEvolutionary biologist Hopi Hoekstra on genetic adaptations that help mice to camouflage.

Bug Psychology Bug Psychology

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadEntomologist Rich Pollack addresses people’s queries (and hang-ups) about bugs.

Lab Chainsaw Lab Chainsaw

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadBiologist Adam Lazarus’ preferred scientific instrument is a chainsaw.

Radio Ambulante

Radio Ambulante Senior Editor Camila Segura and Editor/Producer Silvia Vinas share their radio immersion stories in a new manifesto over at Transom. Given Transom’s dedication to bringing new and various voices to public radio, no experience required, their story is right up our alley: “Until we came to the US, the idea of using radio[…..]

Plankton Pumps Plankton Pumps

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadThe plankton pumps in biologist Lauren Mullineaux’s laboratory have their own names.