Listening Fish Listening Fish

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadNeuroscientist Richard Fay on the neurons in fish brains that respond to sound.

Ocean Exploration Ocean Exploration

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadOceanographer Dave Gallo on the diversity discovered by ocean exploration.

Coconut Crabs Coconut Crabs

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadOceanographer Sky Moret on giant, nocturnal rat-eating crabs.

Oceanography Dog Oceanography Dog

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadPhysical oceanographer Amy Bower takes her guide dog Winslow on research cruises.

Ant Fortress Ant Fortress

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadBiologist Adam Lazarus ransacks an ant fortress.

Scientific Cruise Scientific Cruise

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadBiologist Lauren Mullineaux on what scientists do for fun aboard a cruise.

Chaffinch Messages Chaffinch Messages

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadBiologist Peter Slater studies how birds communicate in noisy environments.

Underwater Asphalt Underwater Asphalt

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadGeochemist Chris Reddy collected tar created on the bottom of the sea.

Hauling Ocean Hauling Ocean

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadOceanographer Charles Lea on the “Christmas morning” thrill of hauling up samples.

Water Resources Water Resources

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadOceanographer Dave Gallo puts water in perspective.

Budgett’s Frog Budgett’s Frog

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadBiologist James Hanken on the carnivorous Budgett’s Frog.

Reptile Adaptations Reptile Adaptations

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadHerpetologist Jonathan Losos on the diversity of reptiles.

Insect Room Insect Room

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadEntomologist Rich Pollack keeps mosquitoes in a sealed insect room.

Candy Plankton Candy Plankton

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadBiologist Debbie Steinberg on candy-colored plankton.

Sky Balloons Sky Balloons

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadPhysicist Walter Lewin attached x-ray telescopes to high-altitude balloons.

Green Machines Green Machines

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadDale Joachim engineers laptops that help children participate in science.

Rugby Wrens Rugby Wrens

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadWrens’ songs remind biologist Peter Slater of vicious rugby chants.

True Forgery True Forgery

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadConservation scientist Narayan Khandeckar x-rays forged artworks.

Rotten Whale Rotten Whale

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadMarine mammal specialist Katie Touhey describes the stench of dead whales.

Catching Lizards Catching Lizards

PlayStopPodcast: DownloadHerpetologist Jonathan Losos is an expert lizard catcher.