Advertising, Podcasting and Public Radio

On July 26th, The New York Times ran a piece by Dino Grandoni called “Ads for Podcasts Test the Line Between Story and Sponsor.” Atlantic Public Media’s Executive Director, Jay Allison, was quoted in the article, but he had a lot more to say about the subject, beginning with this: “Over the years, public radio[…..]

New Transom Show: Now Here This

Atlantic Public Media Executive Director, Jay Allison, writes: We’ve always been interested by what students at Brown University have done with radio, and have featured their efforts in the past. “Now Here This” is the latest intriguing audio storytelling project out of Providence. Student founders Sophie McKibben and Liza Yeager describe what they’re up to[…..]

Podcasting Basics: Audio Levels and Processing

Transom’s tools guy Jeff Towne is gradually creating a good guide to the audio aspects of podcasting. In his third contribution, he explores what to do with your sound once you’ve got it, describes various scenarios, techniques for mixing, achieving good levels, and more. Click here to see Jeff’s great advice.

Traveling Workshop-St. John US Virgin Islands

For the first time ever, Transom Workshop teacher Rob Rosenthal will be heading to the Virgin Islands to lead a workshop December 6-11, 2015. For details on this great opportunity to learn in a very special environment, click here.